AAA - An Phat Bioplastics JSCAAM - Mekong Fisheries Joint Stock CompanyABS - BinhThuan Agriculture Services JSCABT - Bentre Aquaproduct Import And Export JSCACB - Asia Commercial BankACC - ACC Binh Duong Investment and Construction JSCACL - Cuu Long Fish Joint Stock CompanyADG - Clever Group CorporationADS - DamSan Joint Stock Company AGG - An Gia Real Estate Investment and Development CorporationAGM - An Giang Import - Export CompanyAGR - Agribank Securities CorporationAMD - FLC AMD Mining And Investment Joint Stock CompanyANV - Nam Viet CorporationAPC - An Phu Irradiation Joint Stock CompanyAPG - APG Securities Joint Stock CompanyAPH - An Phat Holdings Joint Stock CompanyASG - ASG CorporationASM - Sao Mai Group CorporationASP - An Pha Petrol Joint Stock CompanyAST - Taseco Air Services JSCATG - An Truong An Joint Stock CompanyBBC - Bibica CorporationBCE - Binh Duong Construction & Civil Engineering JSCBCG - Bamboo Capital Joint Stock CompanyBCM - Investment And Industrial Development CorporationBFC - Binh Dien Fertilizer Joint Stock CompanyBHN - Hanoi Beer Alcohol And Beverage Joint Stock CorporationBIC - BIDV Insurance CorporationBID - JSC Bank For Investment And Development Of VietnamBKG - BKG Viet Nam Investment Joint Stock CompanyBMC - Binh Dinh Minerals Joint Stock CompanyBMI - Bao Minh Insurance CorporationBMP - Binh Minh Plastics Joint Stock CompanyBRC - Ben Thanh Rubber Joint Stock CompanyBSI - Bank for Invesment & Development of Vietnam Securities CompanyBTP - BaRia Thermal Power Joint Stock CompanyBTT - Ben Thanh Trading & Service Joint Stock CompanyBVH - Bao Viet HoldingsBWE - Binh Duong Water Environment Joint Stock CompanyC32 - CIC39 CorporationC47 - Construction Joint Stock Company 47CAV - Vietnam Electric Cable CorporationCCI - Cu Chi Commercial & Industrial Developing Investment JSCCCL - Cuu Long Petro Urban Development & Investment CorporationCDC - Chuong Duong Joint Stock CompanyCEE - CII Engineering and Construction JSCCHP - Central Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyCIG - COMA 18 Joint Stock CompanyCII - Ho Chi Minh City Infrastructure Investment JSCCKG - Kien Giang Construction & Investment Consultancy CorporationCLC - Cat Loi Joint Stock CompanyCLG - Cotec Invesment & Land-House Development JSCCLL - Cat Lai Port Joint Stock CompanyCLW - Cholon Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyCMG - CMC CorporationCMV - Ca Mau Trading Joint Stock CompanyCMX - Camimex Group JSCCNG - CNG Viet Nam Joint Stock CompanyCOM - Materials - Petroleum Joint Stock CompanyCRC - Create Capital Viet Nam Joint Stock Company CRE - Century Land JSCCSM - The Southern Rubber Industry JSCCSV - South Basic Chemicals JSCCTD - Coteccons Construction Joint Stock CompanyCTF - City Auto CorporationCTG - Vietnam Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Industry and TradeCTI - Cuong Thuan IDICO Development Investment CoporationCTS - Viet Nam Bank For Industry & Trade Securities JSCCVT - CMC Joint Stock CompanyD2D - Industrial Urban Development JSC No. 2DAG - Dong A Plastic Joint Stock CompanyDAH - Dong A Hotel Group JSCDAT - Travel Investment And Seafood Development CorporationDBC - Dabaco GroupDBD - Binhdinh Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment JSCDBT - Ben Tre Pharmaceutical JSCDC4 - DIC Holdings Construction Joint Stock CompanyDCL - Cuu Long Pharmaceutical JSCDCM - Petro Viet Nam Ca Mau Fertilizer JSCDGC - Duc Giang Chemicals Group JSCDGW - DIGIWORLD CORPORATIONDHA - Hoa An Joint Stock CompanyDHC - Dong Hai Joint Stock Company of BentreDHG - DHG Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDHM - Duong Hieu Trading and Mining Development JSCDIG - Development Investment Construction JSCDLG - Duc Long Gia Lai Group Joitn Stock CompanyDMC - Domesco Medical Import Export Joint Stock CorporationDPG - Dat Phuong Joint Stock CompanyDPM - Petrovietnam Fertilizer & Chemicals CorporationDPR - Dong Phu Rubber Joint Stock CompanyDQC - Dien Quang Joint Stock CompanyDRC - Danang Rubber Joint Stock CompanyDRH - DRH Holdings JSCDRL - Hydro Power Joint Stock Company – Power No.3DSN - Dam Sen Water Park CorporationDTA - De Tam Joint Stock CompanyDTL - Dai Thien Loc CorporationDTT - Do Thanh Technology CorporationDVP - Dinh Vu Port Investment and Development JSCDXG - Dat Xanh Group JSCDXV - Da Nang Construction Building Materials & Cement JSCE1VFVN30 - VFMVN30 ETFEIB - Vietnam Commercial Joint Stock Export Import BankELC - Electronics Communications Technology Investment Development CorporationEMC - Thu Duc Electro Mechanical Joint Stock CompanyEVE - Everpia JSCEVG - Everland Group Joint Stock CompanyFCM - Fecon Mining Joint Stock CompanyFCN - FECON CORPORATIONFDC - Foreign Trade Development & Investment Corporation of HCMCFIR - First Real Joint Stock CompanyFIT - F.I.T Group Joint Stock CompanyFLC - FLC Group JSCFMC - Sao Ta Foods Joint Stock Company FPT - FPT CorporationFRT - FPT Digital Retail Joint Stock CompanyFTM - Duc Quan Investment and Development Joint Stock CompanyFTS - FPT Securities Joint Stock CompanyFUCTVGF1 - TVAM Growth FundFUCTVGF2 - Thien Viet Asset ManagementFUCVREIT - Techcom Vietnam REIT FundFUEMAV30 - MAFM VN30 ETFFUESSV30 - SSIAM VN30 ETFFUESSV50 - SSIAM VNX50 ETFFUESSVFL - ETF SSIAM VNFIN LEADFUEVFVND - VFMVN DIAMOND ETFFUEVN100 - VN100 ETFGAB - FLC Mining Investment & Asset Management Joint Stock CompanyGAS - PetroVietnam Gas Joint Stock CorporationGDT - Duc Thanh Wood Processing Joint Stock CompanyGEG - Gialai Electricity JSCGEX - Vietnam Electrical Equipment Joint Stock CorporationGIL - Binh Thanh Import - Export Production & Trade JSCGMC - Saigon Garmex Manufacturing Trade Joint Stock CompanyGMD - Gemadept CorporationGSP - International Gas Product Shipping Joint Stock CompanyGTA - Thuan An Wood Processing Joint Stock CompanyGTN - GTNFoods JSCGVR - Vietnam Rubber Group - Joint Stock CompanyHAG - Hoang Anh Gia Lai Joint Stock CompanyHAH - Hai An Transport & Stevedoring JSCHAI - HAI Agrochem Joint Stock CompanyHAP - Hapaco CorporationHAR - An Duong Thao Dien JSCHAS - Hacisco Joint Stock CompanyHAX - Hang Xanh Motors Service Joint Stock Company HBC - Hoa Binh Construction Group Joint Stock CompanyHCD - HCD Investment Producing and Trading Joint Stock Company HCM - Ho Chi Minh City Securities CorporationHDB - Ho Chi Minh City Development Joint Stock Commercial BankHDC - Ba Ria - Vung Tau House Development JSCHDG - Ha Do Group Joint Stock CompanyHHS - Hoang Huy Investment Services Joint Stock CompanyHID - Halcom Vietnam JSCHII - An Tien Industries JSCHMC - VNSTEEL - HOCHIMINH CITY METAL CORPORATIONHNG - Hoang Anh Gia Lai Agricultural JSCHOT - Hoi An Torurist Service Joint Stock CompanyHPG - Hoa Phat Group Joint Stock CompanyHPX - Hai Phat Investment JSCHQC - Hoang Quan Consulting-Trading-Service Real Estate CorporationHRC - Hoa Binh Rubber Joint Stock CompanyHSG - Hoa Sen GroupHSL - Hong Ha Food Investment Development JSCHT1 - Ha Tien 1 Cement Joint Stock CompanyHTI - IDICO Infrastructure Development Investment Joint Stock CompanyHTL - Truong Long Auto & Technology Joint Stock CompanyHTN - Hung Thinh Incons Joint Stock CompanyHTV - Ha Tien Transport Joint Stock Company HU1 - HUD1 Investment & Construction Joint Stock CompanyHU3 - HUD3 Investment and Construction Joint Stock CompanyHUB - Thua Thien Hue Construction CorporationHVH - HVC Investment and Technology JSCHVN - Vietnam Airlines JSCHVX - Vicem Hai Van Cement Joint Stock CompanyIBC - Apax Holdings Joint Stock CompanyICT - Joint Stock Company For Telecom & InformaticsIDI - I.D.I International Development & Investment CorporationIJC - Becamex Infrastructure Development JSCILB - ICD Tan Cang – Long Binh Joint Stock CompanyIMP - Imexpharm CorporationITA - Tan Tao Investment and Industry CorporationITC - Investment and Trading Of Real Estate JSCITD - Innovative Technology Development CorporationJVC - Japan Vietnam Medical Instrument Joint Stock CompanyKBC - Kinh Bac City Development Share Holding CorporationKDC - KIDO GroupKDH - Khang Dien House Trading and Investment JSCKHP - Khanh Hoa Power Joint Stock CompanyKMR - Mirae Joint Stock CompanyKOS - KOSY Joint Stock CompanyKPF - Hoang Minh Finance Investment Joint Stock CompanyKSB - Binh Duong Mineral and Construction Joint Stock CompanyL10 - Lilama 10 Joint Stock CompanyLAF - Long An Food Processing Export Joint Stock CompanyLBM - Lam Dong Minerals & Building Materials Joint Stock CompanyLCG - Licogi 16 Joint Stock CompanyLCM - Lao Cai Mineral Exploitation & Processing JSCLDG - LDG Investment Joint Stock CompanyLEC - Central Power Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyLGC - CII Bridges & Roads Investment JSCLGL - Long Giang Investment & Urban Development JSCLHG - Long Hau CorporationLIX - Lix Detergent Joint Stock CompanyLM8 - Lilama 18 Joint Stock CompanyLPB - LienViet Post Joint Stock Commercial BankLSS - Lam Son Sugar Joint Stock CorporationMBB - Military Commercial Joint Stock BankMCG - Vietnam Mechanization Electrification & Construction JSCMCP - My Chau Printing & Packaging Holdings CompanyMDG - Mien Dong Joint Stock CompanyMHC - MHC Joint Stock CompanyMIG - Military Insurance CompanyMSB - Vietnam Maritime Commercial Join Stock BankMSH - Song Hong Garment Joint Stock CompanyMSN - Masan Group CorporationMWG - Mobile World Investment CorporationNAF - Nafoods Group Joint Stock CompanyNAV - Nam Viet Joint Stock CompanyNBB - NBB Investment CorporationNCT - Noi Bai Cargo Terminal Service Joint Stock CompanyNHA - Ha Noi South Housing and Urban Development CorporationNHH - HaNoi Plastics Joint Stock CompanyNKG - Nam Kim Steel Joint Stock CompanyNLG - Nam Long Investment CorporationNNC - Nui Nho Stone JSCNSC - Vietnam National Seed Group JSCNT2 - PetroVietnam Power Nhon Trach 2 JSCNTL - Tu Liem Urban Development Joint-Stock CompanyNVL - No Va Land Investment Group Corporation NVT - Ninh Van Bay Travel Real Estate JSCOCB - Orient Commercial Joint Stock BankOGC - Ocean Group Joint Stock CompanyOPC - OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyPAC - Dry Cell And Storage Battery Joint Stock CompanyPAN - The Pan Group Joint Stock CompanyPC1 - Power Construction JSC No.1PDN - Dong Nai Port JSCPDR - Phat Dat Real Estate Development Joint Stock CompanyPET - Petrovietnam General Services JSC CorporationPGC - Petrolimex Gas Corporation - JSCPGD - PetroVietNam Low Pressure Gas Distribution JSCPGI - Petrolimex Insurance CorporationPHC - Phuc Hung Holdings Construction JSCPHR - Phuoc Hoa Rubber Joint Stock CompanyPIT - Petrolimex International Trading Joint Stock CompanyPJT - Petrolimex Joint Stock Tanker CompanyPLP - Pha Le Plastics Manufacturing and Technology Joint Stock CompanyPLX - Viet Nam National Petroleum GroupPME - Pymepharco Joint Stock CompanyPMG - Petro Center CorporationPNC - Phuong Nam Cultural Joint Stock CorporationPNJ - Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock CompanyPOM - Pomina Steel CorporationPOW - PetroVietnam Power CorporationPPC - Pha Lai Thermal Power Joint Stock CompanyPSH - Nam Song Hau Trading Investing Petroleum Joint Stock CompanyPTB - Phu Tai Joint Stock CompanyPTC - Post & Telecommunications Investment And Construction JSCPTL - PVC Petro Capital & Infrastructure Investment., JSCPVD - PetroVietnam Drilling & Well Services CorporationPVT - Petrovietnam Transportation CorporationPXI - Petroleum Industrial & Civil Construction JSCPXS - Petroleum Equipment Assembly & Metal Structure .,JSCPXT - Petroleum Pipeline and Tank Construction Joint Stock CompanyQBS - Quang Binh Import & Export JSCQCG - Quoc Cuong Gia Lai Joint Stock CompanyRAL - Rangdong Light Source And Vacuum Flask JSCRDP - Rang Dong Holding Plastic JSCREE - Refrigeration Electrical Engineering CorporationRIC - The Royal International CorporationROS - FLC Faros Construction Joint Stock CompanyS4A - Se San 4A Hydro Power JSCSAB - Saigon Beer - Alcohol - Beverage CorporationSAM - SAM Holdings CorporationSAV - Savimex CorporationSBA - Song Ba Joint Stock CompanySBT - Thanh Thanh Cong - Bien Hoa Joint Stock CompanySBV - Siam Brothers Vietnam JSCSC5 - Construction JSC No 5SCD - Chuong Duong Beverages Joint Stock CompanySCR - Sai Gon Thuong Tin Real Estate JSCSCS - SCSC Cargo Service CorporationSFC - SaiGon Fuel Joint Stock CompanySFG - The Southern Fertilizer JSCSFI - Sea & Air Freight InternationalSGN - Saigon Ground Services JSCSGR - Saigon Reai Estate Joint Stock CompanySGT - Sai Gon Telecommunication & Technologies CorporationSHA - Son Ha Sai Gon Joint Stock CompanySHI - Son Ha International JSCSHP - Southern Hydropower JSCSII - Sai Gon Water Infrastructure CorporationSJD - Candon HydroPower Joint Stock CompanySJF - Sunstar Investment Joint Stock CompanySJS - Song Da Urban & Industrial Zone Investment & Development JSCSKG - Superdong Fast Ferry Kieng Giang JSCSMA - Sai Gon Machinery Spare Parts JSCSMB - Sai Gon - Mien Trung Beer JSCSMC - SMC Trading Investment Joint Stock CompanySPM - SPM Joint Stock CompanySRC - Sao Vang Rubber Joint Stock CompanySRF - Seaprodex Refrigeration Industry CorporationSSC - Southern Seed CorporationSSI - SSI Securities CorporationST8 - Sieu Thanh Joint Stock CompanySTB - Sai Gon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock BankSTG - South Logistics Joint Stock CompanySTK - Century Synthetic Fiber CorporationSVC - Saigon General Service CorporationSVD - Vu Dang Investment & Trading Joint Stock CompanySVI - Bien Hoa Packaging CompanySVT - Sai Gon Vien DongTechnology ,. JSCSZC - SONADEZI Chau Duc Shareholding Company SZL - Sonadezi Long ThanhTAC - TuongAn Vegetable Oil Joint Stock CompanyTBC - Thac Ba Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyTCB - Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock BankTCD - Transport and Industry Development Investment JSCTCH - Hoang Huy Investment Financial Services JSCTCL - Tan Cang Logistics & Stevedoring Joint Stock CompanyTCM - Thanh Cong Textile Garment Investment Trading Joint Stock CompanyTCO - Duyen Hai Multi Modal Transport JSCTCR - Taicera Enterprise CompanyTCT - Tay Ninh Cable Car Tour CompanyTDC - Binh Duong Trade And Development JSCTDG - ThaiDuong Petrol Joint Sotck CompanyTDH - Thu Duc Housing Development CorporationTDM - Thu Dau Mot Water Joint Stock CompanyTDP - Thuan Duc Joint Stock CompanyTDW - Thu Duc Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyTEG - Truong Thanh Energy and Real Estate JSCTGG - Truong Giang Investment And Construction Joint Stock CompanyTHG - Tien Giang Investment And Construction JSCTHI - Electronical Equipment Joint Stock CompanyTIP - Tin Nghia Industrial Park Development Joint Stock CompanyTIX - Tan Binh Import Export Joint Stock CorporationTLD - Thang Long Urban Development And Construction Investment JSCTLG - Thien Long Group CorporationTLH - Tien Len Steel Group Joint Stock CompanyTMP - Thac Mo Hydro Power Joint Stock CompanyTMS - Transimex CorporationTMT - TMT Motors CorporationTN1 - TNS Holdings Joint Stock CompanyTNA - Thien Nam Trading Import Export JSCTNC - Thong Nhat Rubber Joint Stock CompanyTNH - Thai Nguyen International Hospital JSCTNI - Thanh Nam Group Joint Stock CompanyTNT - Tai Nguyen CorporationTPB - Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock BankTPC - Tan Dai Hung Plastic Joint Stock CompanyTRA - Traphaco Joint Stock CompanyTRC - Tay Ninh Rubber Joint Stock Company TS4 - Seafood Joint Stock Company No4TSC - Techno - Agricultural Supplying Joint Stock CompanyTTA - Truong Thanh Development and Constrution Investment Joint Stock CompanyTTB - Tien Bo Group JSCTTE - Truong Thinh Energy Investment Joint Stock CompanyTTF - Truong Thanh Furniture CorporationTV2 - Power Engineering Consulting JSC 2TVB - Tri Viet Securities Joint Stock CorporationTVS - Thien Viet Securities Joint Stock CompanyTVT - Viet Thang CorporationTYA - Taya (Vietnam) Electric Wire And Cable JSCUDC - Urban Development & Construction CorporationUIC - Idico Urban & House Development JSCVAF - Van Dien Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizer JSCVCB - Bank for Foreign Trade of VietnamVCF - Vinacafé Bienhoa Joint Stock CompanyVCG - Vietnam Construction And Import-Export Joint Stock CorporationVCI - Viet Capital Securities Joint Stock CompanyVDP - Vidipha Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyVDS - Viet Dragon Securities CorporationVFG - Viet Nam Fumigation Joint Stock CompanyVGC - Viglacera Corporation - JSCVHC - Vinh Hoan CorporationVHM - Vinhomes JSCVIB - Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock BankVIC - Vingroup Joint Stock CompanyVID - Vien Dong Investment Development Trading CorporationVIP - Vietnam Petroleum Transport Joint Stock CompanyVIS - Vietnam – Italy Steel Joint Stock CompanyVIX - VIX Securities Joint Stock CompanyVJC - Vietjet Aviation Joint Stock CompanyVMD - Vimedimex Medi - Pharma Joint Stock CompanyVND - VNDirect Securities CorporationVNE - Vietnam Electricity Construction Joint Stock CorporationVNG - Thanh Thanh Cong Tourist Joint Stock CompanyVNL - Vinalink Logistics Joint Stock CompanyVNM - Viet Nam Dairy Products Joint Stock CompanyVNS - VietNam Sun CopporationVOS - Viet Nam Ocean Shipping Joint Stock CompanyVPB - Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial BankVPD - Vietnam Power Development Joint Stock CompanyVPG - Viet Phat Import Export Trading Investment Joint Stock CompanyVPH - Van Phat Hung CorporationVPI - Van Phu - Invest Investment Joint Stock CompanyVPS - Vietnam Pesticide Joint Stock CompanyVRC - VRC Real Estate and Investment JSC VRE - Vincom Retail Joint Stock CompanyVSC - Vietnam Container Shipping Joint Stock CorporationVSH - Vinh Son - Song Hinh Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyVSI - Water Supply Sewerage Contruction & Invesment,. JSCVTB - Viettronics Tan Binh Joint Stock CompanyVTO - Viet Nam Tanker Joint Stock CompanyYBM - Yen Bai Industry Mineral JSCYEG - Yeah1 Group CorporationAAV - Viet Tien Son Real Estate Holding CompanyACM - A Cuong Mineral Group JSCADC - Art Design And Communication JSCALT - Tan Binh Culture Joint Stock CompanyAMC - Asia Mineral Joint Stock CompanyAME - Alphanam E&C Joint Stock CompanyAMV - American Vietnamese Biotech INCAPI - Asia - Pacific Investment Joint Stock Company APP - Additives And Petroleum Products Joint Stock CompanyAPS - Asia - Pacific Securities Joint Stock Company ARM - General Aviation Import Export JSCART - BOS Securities CorporationATS - Atesco Industrial Cartering Joint Stock CompanyBAX - Thong Nhat Joint Stock CompanyBBS - VICEM Packaging But Son JSCBCC - Bim Son Cement JSCBCF - Bich Chi Food Joint Stock CompanyBDB - Binh Dinh Book & Equipment Joint Stock CompanyBED - Danang Books & School Equipment JSCBII - Bao Thu Industrial Development and Investment JSCBKC - Bac Kan Mineral Joint Stock CorporationBLF - Bac Lieu Fisheries Joint Stock CompanyBNA - Bao Ngoc Investment Production CorporationBPC - Vicem Packaging Bim Son JSCBSC - Ben Thanh Service Joint Stock CompanyBST - Binh Thuan Book And Equiptment JSCBTS - Vicem But Son Cement JSCBTW - Ben Thanh Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyBVS - Baoviet Securities CompanyBXH - Hai Phong Cement Packing JSCC69 - 1369 Construction Joint Stock CompanyC92 - Construction & Investment JSC No 492CAG - An Giang Port Joint Stock CompanyCAN - Ha Long Canned Food Joint Stock CorporationCAP - Yen Bai Joint Stock Forest Agricultural Products And Foodstuff CompanyCDN - Danang Port Joint Stock CompanyCEO - C.E.O Group Joint Stock CompanyCET - Tech - Vina Joint Stock CompanyCIA - Cam Ranh International Airport Services Joint Stock CompanyCJC - Central Area Electrical Mechanical JSCCKV - COKYVINA JSCCLH - VVMI La Hien Cement Joint Stock CompanyCLM - Vinacomin - Coal Import Export Joint Stock CompanyCMC - CMC Investment Joint Stock CompanyCMS - CMVIETNAM Joint Stock CompanyCPC - Can Tho Pesticides Joint Stock CompanyCSC - COTANA Group Joint Stock CompanyCTB - Hai Duong Pump Manufacturing JSCCTC - CTC Gia Lai Joint Stock CompanyCTP - Minh Khang Capital Trading Public JSCCTT - Vinacomin - Machinery Joint Stock CompanyCTX - Vietnam Investment Construction and Trading Joint Stock CorporationCVN - Vinam Joint Stock CompanyCX8 - Constrexim No 8 Investment and Construction JSCD11 - Real Estate 11 Joint Stock CompanyDAD - Da Nang Education Development & Investment JSCDAE - Educational Book JSC In Da Nang CityDC2 - Development Investment Construction Number 2 JSCDDG - Indochine Import Export Investment Industrial JSCDHP - Hai Phong Electromechanical JSCDHT - Ha Tay Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDIH - Development Investment Construction Hoi An JSCDL1 - Viet Nam Renewable Energy Group JSCDNC - Hai Phong Electricity Water Machine Assembly JSCDNM - Danameco Medical Joint Stock CorporationDNP - Dongnai Plastic Joint – Stock CompanyDP3 - Central Phamaceutical Joint Stock Company No3DPC - Da Nang Plastic Joint Stock CompanyDPS - Soc Son Development Investment Joint Stock CompanyDS3 - Inland Waterway Management Joint Stock Company No.3DST - Sao Thang Long Investment JSCDTD - Thanh Dat Investment Development Joint Stock CompanyDTK - Vinacomin - Power Holding Corporation DVG - Dai Viet Paint Group Joint Stock CompanyDXP - Doan Xa Port Joint Stock CompanyDZM - Dzi An Mechanoelectric JSCEBA - Bac Na Hydropower JSCEBS - Educational Book JSC In Hanoi CityECI - Education Cartography And Illustration JSCEID - Hanoi Education Development & Investment JSCEVS - Everest Securities Joint Stock CompanyFID - Vietnam Enterprise Investment And Development JSCGDW - Gia Dinh Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyGIC - Green Development and Investment Service Joint Stock CompanyGKM - Khang Minh Group Joint Stock CompanyGLT - Global Electrical Technology CorporationGMA - Viet Nam Enteco CorporationGMX - My Xuan Brick Tile Pottery And Construction JSCHAD - Ha Noi - Hai Duong Beer JSCHAT - Ha Noi Beer Trading Joint Stock CompanyHBE - Ha Tinh Book And Equipment Education JSCHBS - Hoa Binh Securities JSCHCC - Intimex - Hoa Cam Concrete JSCHCT - Hai Phong Cement Transport & Trading JSCHDA - Dong A Paint Joint Stock CompanyHEV - Higher Education And Vocational Book JSC HGM - Ha Giang Mineral and Mechinics Joint Stock CompanyHHC - Haiha Confectionery JSCHHG - Hoang Ha Joint Stock CompanyHJS - Nam Mu Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyHKB - Ha Noi – Kinh Bac Agriculture and Food JSCHKT - Ego Vietnam Investment Joint Stock CompanyHLC - Vinacomin - Ha Lam Coal JSCHLD - Hudland Real Estate Investmnet and Development JSCHLY - Viglacera Ha Long I Joint Stock CompanyHMH - Hai Minh CorporationHOM - Vicem Hoang Mai Cement JSCHPM - Hoang Phuc Mineral Trading and Contruction JSCHTC - HocMon Trade Joint Stock CompanyHTP - HTINVEST JSCHUT - Tasco Joint Stock CompanyHVT - Viet Tri Chemical Joint Stock CompanyICG - Song Hong Construction Joint Stock CompanyIDC - IDICO Corporation - JSCIDJ - IDJ Vietnam Investment JSCIDV - Vinh Phuc Infrastructure Development JSCINC - IDICO Investment Consultancy JSCINN - Agriculture Printing & Packing Joint Stock CompanyITQ - Thien Quang Group JSCIVS - Vietnam Investment Securities CompanyKDM - Le Gia Investment Group JSCKHS - Kien Hung JSCKKC - KKC Metal JSCKLF - CFS Investment And Import Export Trading JSCKMT - Central Viet Nam Metal CorporationKSD - DNA Investment JSCKSQ - CNC Capital Vietnam JSCKST - Kasati Joint Stock CompanyKTS - Kon Tum Sugar Joint Stock CompanyKTT - KTT Investment Group JSCKVC - Kim Vi Inox Import Export Prodution Joint Stock CompanyL14 - Licogi 14 JSCL18 - Investment And Construction JSC No.18 L35 - Lilama Erection Mechanical Joint Stock CompanyL40 - 40 Investment And Construction JSCL43 - Lilama 45.3 Joint Stock CompanyL61 - Lilama 69.1 Joint Stock company L62 - Lilama 69 - 2 Joint Stock CompanyLAS - Lam Thao Fertilizers And Chemicals JSCLBE - Long An School Book & Equipment JSCLCD - Erection - Electromechanics Testing Joint Stock CompanyLCS - Licogi 166 JSCLDP - Lam Dong Pharmaceutical JSCLHC - Lam Dong Investment & Hydraulic Construction JSCLIG - Licogi 13 JSCLM7 - Lilama 7 Joint Stock CompanyLO5 - Lilama5 Joint Stock CompanyLUT - Luong Tai Invesment & Construction Joint Stock CorporationMAC - Maritime Supply & Techlonogy Service JSCMAS - Danang Airports Services Joint Stock CompanyMBG - MBG Group JSCMBS - MB Securities Joint Stock CompanyMCC - High Grade Brick Tile CorporationMCF - Mechanics Contruction & Foodstuff JSCMCO - Investment and Construction BDC Viet Nam JSCMDC - Vinacomin - Mong Duong Coal JSCMED - Mediplantex National Pharmaceutical JSCMEL - Me Lin Steel Joint Stock CompanyMHL - Minh Huu Lien Joint Stock CompanyMIM - Mineral & Mechanical Joint Stock CompanyMKV - Cai Lay Veterinary Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyMPT - Truong Tien Group JSCMST - MST Investment JSCMVB - Vinacomin - Vietbac Mining Industry Holding CorporationNAG - Nagakawa Group Joint Stock CompanyNAP - Nghetinh Port Holding Joint Stock CompanyNBC - Vinacomin - Nui Beo Coal JSCNBP - Ninh Binh Thermal Power JSCNBW - Nha Be Water Supply JSCNDN - Danang Housing Investment Development JSCNDX - Da Nang Housing Development JSCNET - NET Detergent Joint Stock CompanyNFC - Ninh Binh Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock CompanyNGC - Ngo Quyen Export Seafood Processing JSCNHC - Nhi Hiep Brick-Tile Co-OperationNHP - NHP Production Import - Export JSCNRC - Danh Khoi Group JSCNSH - Song Hong Aluminium Joint Stock CompanyNST - Ngan Son Joint Stock CompanyNTH - Nuoc Trong Hydro-Power Joint Stock CompanyNTP - Tien Phong Plastic Joint Stock Company NVB - National Citizen Commercial Joint Stock BankOCH - OCH Hospitality & Service JSCONE - One Communication Technology CorporationPBP - PetroVietnam Packaging JSCPCE - Central PetroVietnam Fertilizer And Chemicals JSCPCG - PetroVietnam Gas City Investment and Development JSCPCT - Vietnam Gas and Chemicals Transportation CorporationPDB - DUFAGO Construction Materials CorporationPDC - Phuong Dong Petroleum Tourism JSCPEN - Petrolimex Installation No.III Joint Stock CompanyPGN - Plastic Additives Joint Stock CompanyPGS - Southern Gas Trading Joint Stock CompanyPGT - PGT Holdings Joint Stock CompanyPHN - Ha Noi Battery Joint Stock CompanyPHP - Port of Hai Phong Joint Stock CompanyPIA - Petrolimex Information Technology And Telecommunication JSCPIC - PC3 - Investment Joint Stock Company PJC - Petrolimex Hanoi Transportation & Trading JSCPLC - Petrolimex Petrochemical Corporation - JSCPMB - North Petro Vietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Joint Stock CompanyPMC - Pharmedic Pharmaceutical Medicinal JSCPMP - Dam Phu My Packaging Joint Stock CompanyPMS - Petroleum Mechanical Stock CompanyPOT - Post And Telecommunication Equipment Factory JSCPPE - PetroVietnam Power Engineering JSCPPP - Phong Phu Pharmaceutial JSCPPS - Petro Vietnam Power Services Joint Stock CompanyPPY - Phu Yen Petrovietnam Oil JSCPRC - Portserco Logistics JSCPRE - PVI Reinsurance Joint-stock CorporationPSC - Petrolimex Saigon Transportation and Service JSCPSD - Petroleum General Distribution Services JSCPSE - South-East PetroVietnam Fertilizer & Chemicals JSCPSI - Petrovietnam Securities Incorporated PSW - South-West PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals JSCPTD - Phuc Thinh Design Construction Trading CorporationPTI - Post - Telecommunication Joint - Stock Insurance CorporationPTS - Hai Phong Petrolimex Transportation & Services JSCPV2 - PV2 Investment JSCPVB - PetroViet Nam Coating JSCPVC - PetroVietNam Chemical And Services Joint Stock CorporationPVG - Petro VietNam LPG Joint Stock CompanyPVI - PVI HoldingsPVL - Viet Property Investment Joint Stock CompanyPVS - PetroVietnam Technical Services CorporationQHD - Viet Duc Welding Electrode Joint Stock CompanyQST - Quang Ninh Book & Educational Equipment JSCQTC - Quang Nam Transportion Construction JSCRCL - Cho Lon Real Estate JSCS55 - Song Da 505 Joint Stock CompanyS74 - Song Da 7.04 Joint Stock CompanyS99 - SCI Joint Stock CompanySAF - Safoco Foodstuff Joint Stock CompanySCI - SCI E&C JSCSD2 - Song Da No 2 JSCSD4 - Song Da 4 Joint Stock CompanySD5 - Song Da No 5 JSCSD6 - Song Da 6 JSCSD9 - Song Da No 9 JSCSDA - Simco Song Da JSCSDC - Song Da Consulting Joint Stock CompanySDG - Sadico Cantho Joint Stock CorporationSDN - Dong Nai Paint CorporationSDT - Song Da No 10 JSCSDU - Song Da Urban Investment Construction & Development JSCSEB - Mien Trung Power Investment & Development JSCSED - Phuong Nam Education Investment & Development JSCSFN - Sai Gon Fishing Net Joint Stock CompanySGC - Sa Giang Import Export CorporationSGD - Educational Book JSC In Ho Chi Minh CitySGH - Sai Gon Hotel Corporation SHB - Saigon Hanoi Commercial Joint Stock BankSHE - Son Ha Development Of Renewable Energy Joint Stock CompanySHN - Ha Noi Investment General CorporationSHS - Saigon - Hanoi Securities JSCSIC - ANI Joint Stock CompanySJ1 - Hung Hau Agricultural CorporationSJC - Song Da 1.01 Joint Stock CompanySJE - Song Da No 11 JSCSLS - Son La Sugar JSCSMN - South books and Educational Equipment JSCSMT - Sametel CorporationSPI - SPI JSCSRA - Sara Vietnam JSCSSM - Steel Structure Manufacture Joint Stock CompanySTC - Book & Education Equipment JSC Of HCMCSTP - Song Da Industry Trade JSCSVN - Vexilla Viet Nam Group JSCSZB - Sonadezi Long Binh Joint Stock CompanyTA9 - Thanh An 96 Installation and Construction Joint Stock CompanyTAR - Trung An Hi - Tech Farming Joint Stock CompanyTBX - Thai Binh Cement Joint Stock CompanyTC6 - Vinacomin - Coc Sau Coal JSCTDN - Vinacomin - DeoNai Coal JSCTDT - TDT Investment and Development Joint Stock CompanyTET - Northern Textiles & Garments Joint Stock Company TFC - Trang CorporationTHB - Ha Noi - Thanh Hoa Beer Joint Stock CompanyTHD - Thaiholdings Joint Stock CompanyTHS - Song Da Thanh Hoa Joint Stock CompanyTHT - Vinacomin - Ha Tu Coal JSCTIG - Thang Long Investment Group JSCTJC - Transportation and Trading Services Joint Stock CompanyTKC - Tan Ky Construction Real Estate Trading CorporationTKU - Tung Kuang Industrial Joint Stock CompanyTMB - Vinacomin - Northern Coal Trading Joint Stock CompanyTMC - Thu Duc Trading & Import Export JSCTMX - VICEM Cement Trading JSCTNG - TNG Investment and Trading JSCTPH - Ha Noi Textbooks Printing Joint Stock CompanyTPP - Tan Phu Plastic Joint Stock CompanyTSB - Tia Sang Battery Joint Stock CompanyTST - Telecomunication Technical Service JSCTTC - Thanh Thanh Joint Stock CompanyTTH - Tien Thanh Service and Trading Joint Stock CompanyTTL - Thang Long Joint Stock CorporationTTT - Tay Ninh Tourist - Trading Joint Stock CompanyTTZ - Tien Trung Investment Construction and Technology JSCTV3 - Power Engineering Consunting Joint Stock Company 3TV4 - Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 4TVC - Tri Viet Asset Management Corporation Joint Stock CompanyTVD - Vinacomin - Vang Danh Coal JSCTXM - VICEM Gypsum And Cement Joint Stock CompanyUNI - Vien Lien Joint Stock CompanyV12 - Viet Nam Construction Join Stock Company No 12V21 - Vinaconex 21 Joint Stock Company No.21VAT - Van Xuan VT Joint Stock CompanyVBC - Vinh Plastic & Bags JSCVC1 - Construction Joint Stock Company No 1VC2 - Vina2 Invest And Construction Joint Stock Company No2VC3 - Nam MeKong Group Joint Stock CompanyVC6 - Visicons Construction And Investment JSCVC7 - No 7 Viet Nam Construction Joint Stock CompanyVC9 - Construction Joint Stock Company No.9VCC - Vinaconex 25 Joint Stock CompanyVCM - Vinaconex Trading & Manpower JSCVCS - Vicostone JSCVDL - Lam Dong Foodstuffs JSCVE1 - Vneco1 Electricity Construction Joint Stock CompanyVE2 - Vneco2 Electricity Construction Joint Stock CompanyVE3 - VNECO 3 Electricity Construction JSCVE4 - VNECO4 Electricity Construction JSCVE8 - Vneco 8 Electricity Construction Joint Stock CompanyVGP - The Vegetexco Port JSCVGS - Vietnam Germany Steel Pipe JSCVHE - Vietnam Herbs and Foods Joint Stock CompanyVHL - Viglacera Ha Long JSCVIE - VITECO Vietnam Telecommunications Technology JSC VIF - Vietnam Forestry Corporation - JSCVIG - Viet Nam Industrial & Commercial Securities CorporationVIT - Viglacera Tien Son Joint Stock CompanyVKC - Vinh Khanh Cable Plastic CorporationVLA - Van Lang Technology Development & Investment JSCVMC - Vimeco JSCVMI - Visaco Mineral and Investment Joint Stock CompanyVMS - Vietnam Maritime Development Joint Stock CompanyVNC - Vinacontrol Group CorporationVNF - Vinafreight Joint Stock CompanyVNR - Vietnam National Reinsurance CorporationVNT - The Van Cargoes And Foreign Trade Logistics JSCVSA - Vietnam Ocean Shipping Agency CorporationVSM - Central Container Joint Stock CompanyVTC - VTC Telecommunications JSCVTH - Viet Thai Electric Cable CorporationVTJ - Vi na ta ba Trading & Investment Joint Stock CompanyVTL - Thang Long Wine Joint Stock CompanyVTS - Viglacera Tu Son Ceramic JSCVTV - VICEM Energy And Enviroment JSCVXB - Ben Tre Construction Material Joint Stock CompanyWCS - West Coach Station Joint Stock CompanyWSS - Wall Street Securities CompanyX20 - X20 JSCA32 - 32 Joint Stock Company AAS - SmartInvest Securities Joint Stock CompanyABB - An Binh Commercial Joint Stock BankABC - VMG Media JSCABI - Agriculture Bank Insurance Joint Stock CorporationABR - Viet Brand Invest Joint Stock CompanyAC4 - AAC-224 Joint Stock CompanyACE - An Giang Centrifugal Concrete JSCACS - Architect & Construction Service CorporationACV - Airports Corporation Of VietNamADP - A Dong Paint JSCAFX - An Giang Agriculture and Foods Import - Export JSCAG1 - 28.1 JSCAGF - Angiang Fisheries Import Export JSCAGP - Agimexpharm Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyAGX - Saigon Export Foodstuffs and Agricultural Products JSCAIC - Vietnam National Aviation Insurance JSCALV - ALVICO Construction JSCAMP - Armephaco Joint Stock CompanyAMS - AMECC MECHANICAL CONSTRUCTION JSCANT - An Giang Fruit - Vegetables & Foodstuff JSCAPF - Quang Ngai Agricultural Products and Foodstuff Joint Stock CompanyAPL - VVMI-MECHANICAL AND PRESSURE EQUIPMENT JSCAPT - SaiGon Aquatic Products Trading Joint Stock CompanyAQN - 28 Quang Ngai Joint Stock CompanyASA - ASA Consumer Product Joint Stock CompanyASD - Song Da Ha Noi Joint Stock CompanyATA - Ntaco CorpATB - An Thinh Joint Stock CompanyATD - 28 Da Nang Joint Stock CompanyAUM - Vinacafe Son Thanh Joint Stock CompanyAVC - A Vuong Hydropower JSCAVF - AnViFish Joint Stock CompanyB82 - Joint Stock Company No 482BAL - Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Packaging Joint Stock CompanyBBH - Hoang Thach Bagging Joint Stock CompanyBBM - Ha Noi - Nam Dinh Beer JSCBBT - Bach Tuyet Cotton CorporationBCB - 397 Joint Stock CompanyBCP - Enlie Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyBDG - Protrade Garment Joint Stock CompanyBDT - Dong Thap Building Materials & Contruction Joint Stock CompanyBDW - Binh Dinh Water Supply and Sewerage Joint Stock CompanyBEL - Viettronics Bien Hoa Joint Stock CompanyBGW - Bac Giang Clean Water Joint Stock CompanyBHA - Bac Ha Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyBHC - Bienhoa Concrete Joint Stock CompanyBHG - Bien Ho Tea Joint Stock CompanyBHK - Hanoi Kimbai Beer JSCBHP - Ha Noi - Hai Phong Beer JSCBHT - Bach Dang TMC Construction Investment JSCBHV - Ba Hien Joint Stock CompanyBIO - Nha Trang Vaccines And Biological Products JSCBKH - Ha Noi Confectionery Joint Stock CompanyBLI - Bao Long Insurance CorporationBLN - Lien Ninh Transport and Service JSCBLT - Binh Dinh Food Joint Stock CompanyBLU - Bac Lieu Urban Service CenterBLW - BacLieu Water Supply JSCBMD - Binh Thuan Environmental Urban Service Joint Sotck CompanyBMF - Dong Nai Building Material and Fuel JSCBMG - Binh Minh Garment Joint Stock CompanyBMJ - Easterns AHP Minerals Joint Stock CompanyBMN - 715 Joint Stock CompanyBMS - Bao Minh Securities CompanyBMV - Vinafood 1 Flour Joint Stock CompanyBNW - Bac Ninh Clean Water Joint Stock CompanyBOT - Thai Ha Bridge BOT Joint Stock CompanyBPW - Binh Phuoc Water Supply Sewerage Joint Stock CompanyBQB - Ha Noi - Quang Binh Beer JSCBRR - BaRia Rubber Joint Stock CompanyBRS - Ba Ria Urban Service JSCBSA - Buon Don Hydropower JSCBSD - Sai Gon - Dong Xuan Beer Alcohol JSCBSG - Saigon Passenger Transport JSCBSH - Saigon - Hanoi Beer CoporationBSL - SaiGon-SongLam Beer Joint Stock CompanyBSP - Sai Gon - Phu Tho beer JSCBSQ - Sai Gon - Quang Ngai Beer JSCBSR - Binh Son Refining and Petrochemical Company LimitedBT1 - Central Plant Protection JSC No.1BT6 - Beton 6 CorporationBTB - Ha Noi - Thai Binh Beer Joint Stock CompanyBTD - Thu Duc Centrifugal Concrete Joint Stock CompanyBTG - Tien Giang Packaging Joint Stock CompanyBTH - Ha Noi Transformer Manufacturing And Electric Material Joint Stock CompanyBTN - Binh Dinh Tunnel Brick JSCBTR - Binh Tri Thien Railway Joint Stock CompanyBTU - Bentre Urban Project Joint Stock CompanyBTV - BenThanh Tourist Service Corporation BUD - Vietnam Science and Technology Joint Stock CompanyBVB - Viet Capital Commercial Joint Stock BankBVG - BAC VIET GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANYBVN - Vietnam Cotton JSCBWA - Bao Loc Supply Sewerage And Construction JSCBWS - Ba Ria - Vung Tau Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyBXT - Hau Giang Bus and Boat Station Joint Stock CompanyC12 - Bridge Joint Stock Company No.12 C21 - Century 21 Joint Stock CompanyC22 - 22 JSCC36 - 236 Traffic Project Construction And Management Joint Stock CompanyC4G - CIENCO4 Group Joint Stock CompanyC71 - No 471 Joint Stock CompanyCAB - Vietnam Television Cable Joint Stock CompanyCAD - Cadovimex Seafood Import-Export and Processing JSCCAM - Ca Mau Urban Enviroment JSCCAT - Ca Mau Joint Stock Seafoods CompanyCBC - Bau Can Tea Joint Stock CompanyCBI - Cao Bang Cast Iron And Steel Joint Stock Company CBS - Cao Bang Sugar JSCCC1 - Construction Corporation No 1 Joint Stock CompanyCC4 - Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No.4CCA - Can Tho Aquaproduct Import And Export JSC CCH - Ha Noi Consultant and Construction Investment Joint Stock CompanyCCM - Can Tho Mineral & Cement Joint Stock CompanyCCP - Hai Phong Cua Cam Port Joint Stock CompanyCCR - Cam Ranh Port Joint Stock CompanyCCT - CanTho Port Joint Stock CompanyCCV - VCC Engineering Consultants JSCCDG - Cau Duong Joint Stock CompanyCDH - Hai Phong Public Works and Tourism Services Joint Stock CompanyCDO - Consultancy Design & Urban Development JSCCDP - Codupha Central Pharmaceutical JSCCDR - Dong Nai Rubber Construction Joint Stock CompanyCE1 - Construction and Industry Equipment .,JSC CIE1CEC - Chemical Industry Engineering JSCCEG - Construction and Industry Equipment Group CorporationCEN - Cencon Vietnam JSCCFC - Cafico Viet Nam Joint Stock CompanyCFM - CFM Investment Joint Stock CompanyCFV - Thang loi Coffee JSCCGL - Gia Lai Trading Joint Stock CompanyCGV - VietNam Ceramic Glass Joint Stock CompanyCH5 - HaNoi Construction Joint Stock Company No5CHC - Camha Joint Stock CompanyCHS - HOCHIMINH CITY PUBLIC LIGHTING JSCCI5 - No.5 Construction Investment JSCCID - Construction & Infrastructure Development JSCCIP - Construction and Industrial Production Joint Stock CompanyCKA - An Giang Mechanical JSCCKD - Dong Anh Licogi Mechanical Joint Stock CompanyCKH - HaiPhong Machinery Manufacturing Joint Stock Company CLX - Cho Lon Investment And Import Export Corporation (CHOLIMEX)CMD - Construction Material & Interior Decoration Joint Stock CompanyCMF - Cholimex Food Joint Stock CompanyCMI - CMISTONE Viet Nam Joint Stock CompanyCMK - Vinaconmin - MaoKhe Mechanical JSCCMN - Colusa - Miliket Foodstuff Joint Stock CompanyCMP - Chanmay Port Joint Stock CompanyCMT - Information and Networking Technology JSCCMW - Ca Mau Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyCNC - Traphaco High Tech Joint Stock CompanyCNN - Consultant & Inspection JSC of Construction Technology & Equipment - CONINCOCNT - Construction & Materials Trading Joint Stock CompanyCPA - PhuocAn Coffee Joint Stock CompanyCPH - HaiPhong Funeral Services JSCCPI - Cailan Port Investment Joint Stock CompanyCPW - Communications And Public Works Joint Stock CompanyCQN - QUANG NINH PORT JSCCQT - VVMI QUAN TRIEU CEMENT JSCCSI - Vietnam Construction Securities Joint Stock CompanyCT3 - Project 3 Construction & Investment JSCCT5 - 319.5 Joint Stock CompanyCT6 - Construction Joint Stock Company No6CTA - Vinavico Joint Stock CompanyCTN - Underground Works Construction JSCCTR - Viettel Construction Joint Stock CorporationCTW - Can Tho Water Supply - Sewerage JSCCVH - Hai Phong Green Park Joint Stock CompanyCXH - Hanoi Passenger Transport JSCCYC - Chang Yih Ceramic Joint Stock CompanyDAC - Dong Anh Viglacera Joint Stock CompanyDAP - Dong A Joint Stock CompanyDAR - Dian Train JSCDAS - Danang Petroleum Machinery - Technology JSCDBH - HAIPHONG OVELAND ROAD JSCDBM - Dak Lak Pharmaceutical Midecal Equipment JSCDBW - Dien Bien Water Supply JSCDC1 - Development Investment Construction number 1 JSCDCF - Design And Construction Joint Stock Company No.1DCG - The Dap Cau Garment Corporation Joint Stock CompanyDCH - Hanoi Cadastral Survey JSCDCI - Da Nang Chemical Industries Joint Stock CompanyDCR - Cosevco Ceramic Tiles Joint Stock CompanyDCS - Dai Chau Group Joint Stock CompanyDCT - Dong Nai Roofsheet And Construction Material JSCDDH - Hai Phong Waterway Traffic Assurance Joint Stock CompanyDDM - Dong Do Marine Joint Stock CompanyDDN - Danang Pharmaceutical Medical Equipment JSCDDV - DAP - VINACHEM JSCDFC - Dong Anh Chain and Freewheel JSCDGT - Dong Nai Transportation Works Shareholding CompanyDHB - Habac Nitrogenous Fertilizer & Chemicals Joint Stock CompanyDHD - Hai Duong Pharmaceutical Medical Material JSCDHN - Ha Noi Pharma Joint Stock CompanyDIC - DIC Investment & Trading Joint Stock CompanyDID - DIC - Dong Tien Joint - Stock CompanyDKC - Lang Son Market Joint Stock CompanyDKH - Hau Giang Register JSCDLD - Dak Lak Tourist Joint Stock CompanyDLR - Dalat Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyDLT - Vinacomin Tourism and Trading Joint Stock CompanyDM7 - Det May 7 JSCDNA - An Giang Power And Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyDNB - Book and Educational Equipment of Dak Nong Company LimitedDND - Dong Nai Material & Building Investment Joint Stock CompanyDNE - Da Nang Urban Environment JSCDNH - Da Nhim - Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydro Power Joint Stock CompanyDNL - Dang Nang Port Logistics JSCDNN - Da Nang Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyDNR - Quang Nam - Da Nang Rail way Joint Stock CompanyDNS - Da Nang Steel Joint Stock CompanyDNT - Dong Nai Tourist Joint Stock CompanyDNW - Dong Nai Water Joint Stock CompanyDNY - DANA - Y Steel Joint Stock CompanyDOC - Dong Nai JSC Of Agricultural MaterialDOP - Dongthap Petroleum Transport Joint Stock CompanyDP1 - Central Pharmaceutical Company No.1 JSCDP2 - Central Pharmaceutical JSCDPD - Dong Phu – Dak Nong Ruber Joint Stock CompanyDPH - Hai Phong Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDPP - Dong Nai Pharmaceutical JSCDRG - Daklak Rubber Joint Stock CompanyDRI - DakLak Rubber Investment JSCDSC - Da Nang Securities CompanyDSG - Viglacera DapCau Sheet Glass Joint Stock CompanyDSP - Phu Tho Tourist Service JSCDSS - Sai Gon Railway JSCDSV - Vinh Phu Railway JSCDT4 - Inland Waterways Management and Maintenance Joint Stock Company No4DTB - Bao Loc City Urban Projects Joint Stock CompanyDTC - Dong Trieu Viglacera Joint Stock CompanyDTE - Dai Truong Thanh Holdings Energy Investment Joint Stock CompanyDTG - Tipharco Phamaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDTI - Duc Trung Investment JSCDTP - Ha Noi CPC1 Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDTV - Tra Vinh Rural Electric Development Joint Stock CorporationDUS - Dalat Urban Service Joint Stock CompanyDVC - Hai Phong Port Trading And Services JSCDVN - Vietnam Pharmaceutical Corporation - JSCDVW - Dong Nai Water Supply Construction And Services JSCDWS - Dong Thap Water Supply & Urban Environment Joint Stock CompanyDX2 - 319.2 Investment And Construction JSCDXD - VVMI – Investment And Construction Joint Stock CompanyDXL - Lang Son Tourism & Import - Export JSCE12 - VNECO12 Electricity Construction JSCE29 - 29 Investment Construction And Engineering JSCEAD - Dak lak Power Hydroelectric JSCEFI - Education Financial Investment,. JSCEIC - EVN International Joint Stock CompanyEIN - Electricity Investment - Service - Trade Joint Stock CompanyEME - Electro Mechanical CorporationEMG - Electrical Mechanical Equipment And Spare Parts JSCEMS - VNPost Express Joint Stock CompanyEPC - Ea Pok Coffee Joint Stock CompanyEPH - Ha Noi Education Publishing Services JSCEVF - EVN Finance Joint Stock CompanyFBA - FBA International Group CorporationFBC - Pho Yen Mechanical Joint Stock CompanyFCC - Foodstuff Combina Torial Joint Stock CompanyFCS - Ho Chi Minh City Food JSCFDG - Dong Thap Trading CorporationFGL - Gia Lai Coffee JSCFHN - Ha Noi Food Import - Export Joint Stock CompanyFHS - Ho Chi Minh City Book Distribution CorporationFIC - Fico Corporation JSCFOC - FPT Online Joint Stock CompanyFOX - FPT Telecom Joint Stock CompanyFRC - Forest Products Export JSC Of Quang NamFRM - Saigon Forestry Import - Export Company LimitedFSO - Viet Nam Fishery Mechanical Shipbuilding JSCFT1 - Machinery Spare Parts No1 Joint Stock CompanyFTI - Friendship Trading - Industrial Joint Stock CompanyG20 - Vinh Phuc Textile Investment JSCG36 - 36 CorporationGCB - Petec Binh Dinh Joint Stock CompanyGER - Geru Star Sport Joint Stock CompanyGGG - Giai Phong Motor Joint Stock CompanyGHC - Gia Lai Hydropower JSCGLC - Lao Cai Gold Joint Stock CompanyGLW - Gia Lai Water Supply Sewerage JSCGND - Dong Nai Brick and Tile CorporationGQN - Quang Nam Aquatic Breeding CenterGSM - Huong Son Hydro Power Joint Stocks CompanyGTD - Thuong Dinh Footwear JSC GTH - Thua Thien Hue Construction - Transportation JSCGTK - Thuy Khue Shoes JSCGTS - SaiGon Traffic Construction Joint Stock CompanyGTT - Thuan Thao CorporationGVT - Viet Tri Paper Joint Stock Company H11 - HUD101 Construction JSCHAB - HaNoi School Books And Equipment JSCHAC - Hai Phong Securities Joint Stock CompanyHAF - Hanoi Foodstuff Joint Stock CompanyHAM - Hau Giang Materials Joint Stock CompanyHAN - Hanoi Construction Corporation – JSCHAV - Hapro Vodka Joint Stock CompanyHAW - Provincial Center For Rural Water Supply and SanitationHBD - Binh Duong PP Pack Making Joint Stock CompanyHBH - Habeco - Hai Phong Joint Stock CompanyHBW - Hoa Binh Clear Water JSCHC1 - Hanoi Construction Joint Stock Company No1HC3 - HaiPhong Construction Joint Stock Corporation No3HCB - March 29 Textile - Garment Joint Stock CompanyHCI - Ha Noi Construction Investment Joint Stock CompanyHCS - Hanoi Railway Signal & Telecom JSCHD2 - Housing Development Investment Joint Stock Company HUD2HD6 - Hanoi Housing Development and Investment Joint Stock Company No6HD8 - Housing and Urban Development Investment Joint Stock Company HUD8HDM - Hue Textile Garment JSCHDO - Hung Dao Container Joint Stock CorporationHDP - Ha Tinh Pharmaceutical JSCHDW - Hai Duong Water Joint Stock CompanyHEC - Hydraulic Engineering Consultant Corporation IIHEJ - VietNam Hydraulic Engineering Consultants Corporation - JSCHEM - Ha Noi Electromechanical Manufacturing JSCHEP - Hue Urban Environment And Public Works Joint Stock CompanyHES - Ha Noi Entertainment Service Corporation HFB - Ho Chi Minh City Ferry Bridge Construction JSCHFC - HFC Petroleum CorporationHFS - Hanoi Trading Service Fashion JSCHFX - Thanh Ha Export - Import CompanyHGA - Hau Giang Agricultural Breeding CenterHGC - Hau Giang Center for Architecture - PlanningHGR - Hau Giang Resources And Environment JSCHGT - Huong Giang Tourist Joint Stock CompanyHGW - HAUGIANG WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE - PROJECTS URBAN JSCHHN - Ha Noi Goods services and transport JSCHHR - Ha Hai Railway Joint Stock CompanyHHV - Deo Ca Traffic Infrastructure Investment JSCHIG - HIPT Group Joint Stock CompanyHIZ - Ho Nai Industrial Zone JSCHJC - Hoa Viet Joint Stock CompanyHKC - Hanoi Knitting Joint Stock CompanyHKP - Ha Tien Packaging Joint Stock CompanyHLA - Huu Lien Asia CorporationHLB - HaLong Beer Beverage Joint Stock CompanyHLE - Hai Phong Electric Lighting Joint Stock CompanyHLG - Hoang Long GroupHLR - Ha Lang Railways JSCHLS - Hoang Lien Son Technical Ceramics JSCHLT - Hoang Thi Loan Textile & Garment Joint Stock CompanyHMG - VNSTEEL - HANOISTEEL CORPORATION HMS - HoChiMinh Museum Construction Joint Stock CompanyHNA - Hua Na Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyHNB - Ha Noi Transport Station JSCHND - Hai Phong Thermal Power SJCHNE - Hanel Join Stock CompanyHNF - Huu Nghi Food Joint Stock CompanyHNI - Huu Nghi Garment Joint Stock CompanyHNM - Hanoimilk Joint Stock CompanyHNP - Hnel Plastics Joint Stock CompanyHNR - Hanoi Liquor And Beverage JSCHNT - Hanoi Tram JSCHPB - PP Pack Marking JSCHPD - Dak Doa Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyHPH - Ha Bac Hung Phat Chemical JSCHPI - Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park Joint Stock CompanyHPP - Hai Phong Paint Joint Stock CompanyHPT - HPT Viet Nam CorporationHPU - 28 Hung Phu JSCHPW - Hai Phong Water JSCHRB - Harec Investment and Trade Joint Stock CompanyHRT - Ha Noi Railway Transport JSCHSA - Hestia JSCHSI - General Materials Biochemistry Fertilizer JSCHSM - Ha Noi Textile and Garment Joint Stock CorporationHSP - Hanoi Synthetic Paint Joint Stock CompanyHTE - Ho Chi Minh City Electric Power Trading Investment CorporationHTG - Hoa Tho Textile & Garment Joint Stock CorporationHTK - Hai Duong Motor Transport Vehicle Registration JSCHTM - Hanoi Trade Joint Stock CorporationHTR - Ha Thai Railway JSCHTT - Ha Tay Trading Joint Stock CompanyHTU - HA TINH URBAN AND ENVIRONMENT JSC HTW - Ha Tinh Water Supply JSCHU4 - HUD4 Investment and Construction Jont Stock CompanyHU6 - HUD6 Housing & Urban Development Investment JSCHUG - Hung Yen Garment Corporation - Joint Stock CompanyHUX - Thua Thien Hue Minerals Joint Stock CompanyHVA - HVA Investment Joint Stock CompanyHVG - Hung Vuong Joint Stock CorporationHWS - Thua Thien Hue Water Supply JSCI10 - IDICO No.10 Investment Construction Joint Stock CompanyIBD - Binh Duong General Printing Joint Stock CompanyICC - Industrial Construction Joint Stock CompanyICF - Investment Commerce Fisheries CorporationICI - Industrial Construction & Investment JSCICN - IDICO Investment Construction Oil and Natural Gas JSCIDP - International Dairy Products Joint Stock CompanyIFC - Saigon Industrial Foodstuffs Joint Stock CompanyIFS - Interfood Shareholding CompanyIHK - Aviation Printing JSCIKH - The Scientific Technical Printing JSCILA - ILA Joint Stock Company ILC - International Labor And Services JSCILS - International Investment Trade and Service Group CompanyIME - Mechanical & Industrial Construction JSCIN4 - No.4 Printing JSCIPA - I.P.A Investments Group Joint Stock CompanyIPH - Print And Statistical Form Publishment Company LimitedIRC - Industrial Rubber JSCISG - International Shipping and Labour Cooperation JSCISH - Idico Scrok Phu Mieng Hydro Power Joint Stock CompanyIST - Tan Cang Song Than ICD JSCITS - Vinacomin - Investment, Trading and Service JSCJOS - Minh Hai Jostoco Joint Stock CompanyKAC - Khang An Investment Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyKBE - Kien Giang Book And Equipment JSCKCB - Cao Bang Mineral and Metallurgical JSCKCE - Khanh Hoa Power Centrifugal Concrete JSCKGM - Kien Giang Import & Export Joint Stock CompanyKHA - Khanh Hoi Investment and Services CorporationKHB - Hoa Binh Minerals Joint Stock CompanyKHD - Haiduong Mineral Eineal Processing JSCKHL - Hung Long Mineral and Building Material JSCKHW - Khanh Hoa Water Supply And Sewerage JSCKIP - Electrical Devices Joint Stock Company No IKLB - Kien Long Commercial Joint Stock BankKLM - Nghe Tinh Nonferrous Metal Joint Stock CompanyKSE - Khanh Hoa Seafoods Exporting Joint Stock CompanyKSH - DAMAC GLS JSCKSK - Mineral Ferrous Metallergy JSCKSV - Vinacomin - Minerals Holding CorporationKTB - Tây Bắc Minerals Investment ., JSCKTC - Kien Giang Trade and Tourism Company LimitedKTL - Thăng Long Metal Wares JSCL12 - Licogi 12 Joint Stock CompanyL44 - Lilama 45.4 JSCL45 - Lilama 45.1 Joint Stock CompanyL63 - Lilama 69-3 Joint Stock CompanyLAI - IDICO Long An Investment Construction JSCLAW - Long An Water Supply Sewerage JSCLBC - Long Bien Joint Stock CompanyLCC - Hong Phong Cement Joint Stock CompanyLCW - Lai Chau Clean Water Joint Stock CompanyLDW - Lam Dong Water Supply And Sewerage JSCLG9 - Mechanized Construction and Installation Joint Stock Company No9LGM - Leather Footwear and Garment Making Exporting CorporationLIC - LICOGI Corporation - JSCLKW - Long Khanh Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyLLM - Viet Nam Machinery Installation Corporation - JSCLM3 - Lilama 3 Joint Stock CompanyLMC - Latca Mineral Joint Stock CompanyLMH - Landmark Holding JSCLMI - IDICO Machinery Erection Construction Investment Joint Stock CompanyLNC - Le Ninh Joint Stock CompanyLQN - Licogi Quang Ngai JSCLTC - Low Current - Telecom Joint Stock CompanyLTG - Loc Troi Group Joint Stock CompanyLWS - Lao Cai Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyM10 - Garmant 10 Corporation - Joint Stock CompanyMA1 - MACHINERY JSCMBN - Bac Ninh Urban Environment And Public Works JSCMC3 - Minerals Joint Stock Company No.3 - VimicoMCH - Masan Consumer CorporationMCI - IDICO Material Development and Construction Invesment Joint Stock CompanyMCM - Seed Moc Chau Dairy Cattle Corporation JSCMCT - Material Trading and Construction Joint Stock CompanyMDA - Dong Anh Urban Environment JSCMDF - MDF VRG Quang Tri Wood JSCMDN - Dong Nai Garment CorporationMEC - Song Da Mechanical - Asembling Joint Stock CompanyMEF - Meinfa Joint Stock CompanyMEG - Megram Joint stock companyMES - MECHANICAL, ENGINEERING SERVICE JSC MFS - Mobifone Service JSCMGC - Vinacomin - Mining Geology Joint Stock CompanyMGG - Duc Giang CorporationMH3 - Binh Long Rubber Industrial Park CorporationMHP - Viet Tri Enviroment And Service Joint Stock CompanyMHY - Hung Yen Urban Environment and Public Works JSCMIC - Quang Nam Mineral Iidustry CorporationMIE - Machines and Industrial Equipment CorporationMKP - Mekophar Chemical Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyMLC - Lao Cai Urban Environment JSCMLS - Mitraco Livestock Joint Stock CompanyMML - Masan MeatLife CorporationMNB - Nha Be Garment Corporation - Joint Stock CompanyMND - Nam Dinh Environment Joint Stock CompanyMPC - Minh Phu Seafood CorporationMPY - Phu Yen Town Environment JSCMQB - Quang Binh Environment and Urban Development Joint Stock CompanyMQN - Quang Ngai Urban Environment JSCMRF - MERUFA Joint Stock CompanyMSR - Masan High-Tech Materials CorporationMTA - Ha Tinh Minerals and Trading Joint Stock CorporationMTB - Thai Binh Environment And Urban Projects Joint Stock CompanyMTC - MyTra Tourist Joint Stock CompanyMTG - MTGas Joint Stock CompanyMTH - Ha Dong Environment Public Service JSCMTL - Tu Liem Urban Environment Service Joint Stock CompanyMTM - Central Mining and Mineral Import - Export JSCMTP - Medipharco Pharmaceutical JSCMTS - Vinacomin - Materials Trading JSCMTV - Vung Tau Environment Services and Urban Project Joint Stock CompanyMVC - Binh Duong Building Materials & Construction Corporation MVN - Vietnam National Shipping LinesMVY - Vinh Yen Environment and Urban Services JSCMXC - Mua Xuan Agriculture CenterNAB - Nam A Commercial Joint Stock BankNAC - National of General Construction Consultants JSCNAS - Noibai Airport Services Joint Stock CompanyNAU - Nghe An Urban Environment JSCNAW - Nghe An Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyNBE - North Books and Educational Equipment Joint Stock CompanyNBR - Nghiabinh Rail Way Joint Stock CompanyNBT - Ben Tre Water Supply and Sewerage JSCNCP - TKV - CamPha Thermal Joint Stock CompanyNCS - Noi Bai Catering Services Joint Stock CompanyND2 - Northern Electricity Development & Investment JSC No.2NDC - Nam Duoc JSCNDF - Nam Dinh Export Foodstuff & Agricultural Products Processing JSCNDP - National Day Pharmaceutical JSCNDT - Nam Dinh Textile Garment Joint Stock CorporationNDW - Nam Dinh Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyNED - North - West Electric Investment and Development JSCNHT - Nam Hoa Trading & Production CorporationNHV - NHV investment Joint Stock CompanyNJC - Nam Dinh Garment Joint Stock CompanyNLS - LANG SON WATER SUPPLY AND DRAINAGE JSCNMK - Civil Engineering Construction,. JSC No 510NNB - Ninh Binh Water Supply And Sewerage JSCNNG - Ngoc Nghia Industry - Service - Trading JSCNNQ - Quang Nam Agricultural Varietties JSCNNT - Ninh Thuan Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyNOS - Oriental Shipping And Trading Joint Stock CompanyNQB - Quang Binh Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyNQN - Quang Ninh Clean Water JSCNQT - Quang Tri Clean Water JSCNS2 - Ha Noi Water Supply Number 2 JSCNS3 - Ha Noi Water Manufacturing JSC No 3NSG - Saigon Plastic JSCNSL - Son La Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyNSS - Dong Nai Agricultural Livestock Product Joint Stock CompanyNTB - Transport Engineering Construction & Business Investment JSC 584NTC - Nam Tan Uyen Joint Stock CompanyNTF - Nghe An Pharmaceutical Medical Materical and Equipment Joint Stock CompanyNTR - NGHE TINH RAILWAY JSC NTT - Nha Trang Textile Garment Joint Stock CompanyNTW - Nhon Trach Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyNUE - NHA TRANG URBAN ENVIRONMENTAL JOINT STOCK COMPANYNVP - Vinh Phuc Water Supply SJCNWT - Newway Transport JSCOIL - PetroVietnam Oil CorporationONW - One World Services JSCORS - Tien Phong Securities CorporationPAI - Petroleum Information Technology Telecom and Automation JSCPAS - Phuong Anh International Joint Stock CompanyPBC - Pharbaco Central Pharmaceutical JSC No.1PBT - Petro Vietnam Building and Commercial Joint stock companyPCC - Petrolimex Construction 1 Joint Stock Company GroupPCF - Petec Coffee Joint Stock CompanyPCM - Post and Telecommucation Construction Material Joint Stock CompanyPCN - DMC - Northern Petroleum Chemicals JSCPDT - Dongthap Petroleum Trading Import Export JSCPDV - Phuong Dong Viet Transportation Oil J.S.CPEC - Power Engineering Joint Stock CompanyPEG - Petec Trading and Investment CorporationPEQ - Petrolimex Equipment Joint Stock CompanyPFL - Petroleum Dong Do Joint Stock CompanyPGB - Petrolimex Group Commercial Joint Stock BankPGV - Power Generation Joint Stock Corporation 3PHH - Hong Ha Viet Nam JSCPHS - Phu Hung Securities CorporationPID - Petroleum Interior Decoration JSCPIS - PISICO Binh Dinh Corporation JSCPIV - PIV JSCPJS - Phu Hoa Tan Water Supply JSCPKR - Phu Khanh Railway JSCPLA - Petroleum Logistic Service and Investment JSCPLE - Petrolimex Engineering Joint Stock CompanyPLO - Petec Logistics Joint Stock Company PMJ - Post And Telecommunications Material Supply JSCPMT - TELVINA Vietnam Communication Joint Stock CompanyPMW - Phu My Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyPND - Petrovietnam Oil Nam Dinh JSCPNG - Phu Nhuan Trading Joint Stock CompanyPNP - Phu Huu Newport CorporationPNT - Phu Nhuan Technical Construction Joint Stock CompanyPOB - Thai Binh PetroVietNam Oil Joint Stock CompanyPOS - PTSC Offshore Services JSCPOV - Vung Ang Petroleum Joint Stock CompanyPPH - Phong Phu CorporationPPI - Pacific Infrastructure Project Development & Investment CorporationPQN - PTSC Quang Ngai Joint Stock CompanyPRO - Procimex Vietnam Joint Stock CompanyPRT - Bình Dương Production and Trading Goods CorportationPSB - Sao Mai - Ben Dinh Petroleum Investment JSCPSG - Petroleum Saigon Constrution And Investment JSCPSL - Phu Son Livestock JSCPSN - PTSC Thanh Hoa Joint Stock CompanyPSP - Dinh Vu Petroleum Service Port SJCPTE - Phu Tho Cement Joint Stock CompanyPTG - Phan Thiet Gament Import - Export Joint Stock CompanyPTH - Petrolimex Hatay Transportation And Service JSCPTK - Phu Thinh Metallurgy JSCPTO - Post And Telecommunication Services Construction Work Joint Stock CompanyPTP - Post Printing & Telecomunication Services JSCPTT - Indochina Petroleum Transportation JSCPTV - Petroleum Trading Joint Stock CompanyPTX - Petrolimex Nghe Tinh Transportation and Service JSCPVA - PetroVietnam - Nghe An Construction JSCPVE - PetroVietnam Engineering Consultancy JSCPVH - Thanh Hoa Petroleum Construction JSCPVM - PetroVietNam Machinery - Technology JSCPVO - PV Oil LUBE JOINT STOCK COMPANYPVP - Pacific Petroleum Transportation JSCPVR - Hanoi PVR Investment JSCPVV - Vinaconex 39 JSCPVX - Petro Vietnam Construction Joint Stock CorporationPVY - Petrovietnam Marine Shipyard JSCPWA - Petrowaco Property Joint Stock CompanyPWS - Phu Yen Water Supply And Sewerage Joint Stock CompanyPX1 - Cement Joint Stock Company Song Lam 2PXA - Petrovietnam - Nghe An Investment & Trading JSCPXC - PetroVietnam Urban Development JSCPXL - Long Son Petroleum Industrial Zone Investment JSCPXM - Mien Trung Petroleum Construction JSCPYU - Phuc Yen Environment and Urban Works JSCQBR - Quang Binh Railway Joint Stock CompanyQCC - Construction Investment and Telecommunications Infrastructure Development JSCQHW - QUANG NINH MINERAL WATER CORPORATIONQLD - Lang Son Road Management And Construction JSCQLT - Inland Waterway Management Maintenance Joint Stock Company No.10QNC - Quang Ninh Construction & Cement Joint Stock CompanyQNS - Quang Ngai Sugar Joint Stock CompanyQNT - Dien Ban Construction Consultants CenterQNU - Quang Nam Urban Environment JSCQNW - Quang Ngai Water Supply Sewerage And Construction JSCQPH - Que Phong Dropower JSCQSP - Quy Nhon New Port Joint Stock CompanyQTP - Quang Ninh Thermal Power Joint Stock CompanyRAT - Railway Transport and Trade JSCRBC - Rubber Industry & Import - Export Joint Stock CompanyRCC - Railway Construction Corporation Joint Stock CompanyRCD - Rubber Real Estate Construction JSCRGC - PV - Inconess Investment Joint Stock CompanyRHN - HaNinh Railway JSCRLC - Lao Cai Road JSCRTB - Tan Bien Rubber JSCRTH - Thanh Hoa Railway JSCRTS - DANANG RAIL WAY TELECOMMUNICATION - SIGNALIZATION JSC S12 - Song Da No 12 Joint Stock CompanyS27 - Song Da 27 JSCS72 - Song Da No 7.02 Hydroelectric JSCS96 - Song Da No 9.06 Joint Stock CompanySAC - SaiGon Port Stevedoring And Service JSCSAL - VietNam Salvage Joint Stock CompanySAP - Textbook Printing Joint Stock Company in Ho Chi Minh City SAS - Southern Airports Services JSCSB1 - SaiGon - NgheTinh Beer Joint Stock CompanySBD - SaoBacDau Technologies CorporationSBH - Song Ba Ha Hydro Power JSCSBL - Saigon Baclieu Beer JSCSBM - Bac Minh Development Investment Joint Stock CompanySBR - Song Be Rubber Joint Stock CompanySBS - Sacombank Securities Joint Stock CompanySCA - Song Con Agriculture Joint Stock CompanySCC - Hoa Binh Province Hung Long Trading Investment JSC SCJ - Sai Son Cement Joint Stock CompanySCL - Song Da Cao Cuong JSCSCO - Seaproducts Mechanical Shareholding CompanySCY - Song Cam Shipbuilding Joint Stock CompanySD1 - Song Da 1 JSCSD3 - Song Da 3 Joint Stock CompanySD7 - Song Da 7 JSCSD8 - Song Da No 8 Joint Stock CompanySDB - Song Da 207 Joint Stock CompanySDD - Song Da Investment And Construction JSCSDE - Song Da Electrical Engineering JSCSDH - Song Da Infrastructure Construction JSCSDJ - Song Da No 25 Joint Stock CompanySDK - Machanical Engineering & Metallurgy JSCSDP - SDP Joint Stock CompanySDV - Sonadezi Service Joint Stock CompanySDX - Song Da Investment Construction and Fire Prevention Joint Stock CompanySDY - Song Da Yaly Cement Joint Stock CompanySEA - Vietnam Seaproducts Joint Stock CorporationSEP - Quang Tri General Trading JSCSGB - Saigon Bank For Industry And TradeSGO - Sai Gon Vegetable Oil JSCSGP - Saigon Port Join Stock CompanySGS - Saigon Shipping Joint Stock CompanySHC - Saigon Maritime Joint Stock CompanySHG - Song Hong Joint Stock CorporationSHX - SAIGON TRAIN JOINT STOCK COMPANYSID - Saigon Co.op Investment Development JSCSIG - Song Da Investment and Trading JSCSIP - Sai Gon VRG Investment CorporationSIV - SIVICO JSCSJG - SONG DA CORPORATION - JSCSJM - Song Da 19 Joint Stock CompanySKH - Khanh Hoa Sanest Beverage Joint Stock CompanySKN - Sanna Khanh Hoa Beverage JSCSKV - Khanh Hoa Salanganest Nest Soft Drink Joint Stock CompanySNC - Nam Can Seaproducts Import Export Joint Stock CompanySNZ - Sonadezi CorporationSON - International Manpower Supply and Trade JSC SOV - Saigon Optic Joint Stock CompanySP2 - Su Pan 2 Hydroprwer JSCSPA - Sai Gon Packaging Joint Stock CompanySPB - PHU BAI SPINNING JSCSPC - Sai Gon Plant Protection JSCSPD - Da Nang Seaproducts Import - Export CorporationSPH - Seaprodex Hanoi Joint Stock CompanySPP - Saigon Plastic Packaging JSCSPV - Special Aquatic Products JSCSQC - Sai Gon - Quy Nhơn Mining CorporationSRB - Sara Group Joint Stock Company SRT - SAIGON RAILWAY TRANSPORT JSCSSF - G SaiGon Education JSCSSG - Seagull Shipping CompanySSN - Saigon SeaProducts Import - Export Joint Stock CorporationSSU - Soc Son Urban Environment JSCSTH - Thai Nguyen Book Distribution JSCSTL - Song Da - Thang Long Join Stock CompanySTS - Sai Gon Transport Agency JSCSTT - Saigontourist Transport CorporationSTU - SonTay Urban Construction And Environment JSCSTV - VietNam Stone Work - Top Fabrication JSCSTW - SocTrang Water Supply JSCSUM - Survey and Minerals JSCSVG - Industrial Gas and Welding Electrode Joint Stock CompanySVH - Song Vang Hydropower JSCSVL - Sovilaco International Manpower Joint Stock CompanySWC - Southern Waterborne Transport CorporationSZE - SONADEZI ENVIRONMENT JSCT12 - Trang Thi Commercial And Services Joint Stock CompanyTA3 - 386 Thanh An Construction and Investment JSCTA6 - Thanh An 665 Investment, Installation and Construction Joint Stock CompanyTAG - Tran Anh Digital World JSCTAN - Thuan An Coffee Company LimitedTAP - Tan An Public Services Joint Stock CompanyTAW - Trung An Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyTB8 - VVMI - MANUFACTURING AND MATERIALS EQUIPMENT TRADING JSCTBD - Dong Anh Electrical Equiment Corporation - Joint Stock CompanyTBT - Ben Tre Transportation Work Construction JSCTCI - Thanh Cong Securities CompanyTCJ - To Chau Joint Stock CompanyTCK - Construction Machinery Corporation - JSCTCW - Tan Cang Warehousing Joint Stock CompanyTDB - Dinh Binh Hydro Power Joint Stock CompanyTDF - TRUNG DO JOINT STOCK COMPANYTDS - VNSTEEL - Thu Duc Steel JSCTEC - TRAENCO JSCTEL - Telecommunication Project Construction Development Joint Stock CompanyTGP - Truong Phu CorporationTH1 - The Vietnam National General Export - Import JSC No.1THN - Thanh Hoa Water Supply JSCTHP - Thuan Phuoc Seafoods & Trading CorporationTHR - Thuan Hai Railway JSCTHU - Thanh Hoa Urban Construction and Environment Joint Stock CompanyTHW - Tan Hoa Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyTID - Tin Nghia CorporationTIE - Telecommunication Industry Electronics JSCTIS - Thai Nguyen Iron And Steel JSCTKA - Tan Khanh An Bagging Joint Stock CompanyTL4 - Hydraulics Contruction Corporation No.4,. JSCTLI - Thang Loi International Garment Joint Stock CompanyTLP - Thanh Le General Import-Export Trading CorporationTLT - Viglacera Thanglong Joint Stock CompanyTMG - ThaiNguyen Non Ferous Metals JSCTMW - Tan Mai General Wood JSCTNB - VNSTEEL - Nha Be Steel Joint Stock CompanyTNM - Tranimex Transportation Import - Export & Contruction JSCTNP - Thi Nai Port JSCTNS - Thong Nhat Flat Steel Joint Stock CompanyTNW - Thai Nguyen Water JSCTOP - Top One Allot Joint Stock CompanyTOT - Transimex Transportation Joint Stock CompanyTOW - TraNoc – Omon Water Supply Joint Stock CompanyTPS - Saigon Transportation Parking Joint Stock CompanyTQN - Quang Ninh Pine JSCTQW - Tuyen Quang Water Supply and Sewerage Joint Stock CompanyTR1 - Traco Transport Joint Stock Corporation No1TRS - Tracimexco - Supply Chains and Agency Services Joint stock companyTRT - TrucThon Joint Stock CompanyTS3 - Truong Son 532 JSCTS5 - Truong Son 145 JSCTSD - Truongson Tourism JSC COECCOTSG - Sai Gon Railway Of Telecommunication - Signalization JSCTSJ - HaNoi Tourist Service Joint Stock CompanyTTD - Tam Duc Cardiology Hospital JSCTTG - Thanh Tri Garment Joint Stock CompanyTTN - Viet Nam Technology & Telecommunication JSCTTP - Tan Tien Plastic Packaging JSCTTS - Thai Trung Steel Joint Stock CompanyTTV - Vinh Railway Signalling - Telecom JSCTUG - Haiphong Port Tugboat & Transport ., JSCTV1 - Power Engineering Consulting Joint Stock Company 1TVA - Thanh Tri Sanitary Ware JSCTVG - Transport Investment & Construction Consultant JSCTVH - Construction consultation Joint Stock Company for Maritime BuildingTVM - Vinacomin Industry Investment Consulting JSCTVN - Viet Nam Steel Corporation TVP - TV Pharm Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyTVU - TRA VINH URBAN PROJECT JSC TVW - Tra Vinh Water Supply & Drainage Joint Stock CompanyTW3 - CENTRAL PHARMACEUTICAL JSC No. 3UCT - Can Tho Urban Joint Stock CompanyUDJ - Becamex Urban Development JSCUDL - DAKLAK Urban and Environment JSCUEM - Vinacomin Uong bi Electric Mechanical JSCUMC - Nam Dinh Urban Construction Management Joint Stock CompanyUPC - Vung Tau Urban And Parks Development JSCUPH - No 25 Central Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyUSC - Union of Survey and Construction JSCUSD - Soc Trang Public Works Joint Stock CompanyV11 - Viet Nam Construction Joint Stock Company No11V15 - Vinaconex No 15 Joint Stock CompanyVAV - VIWACO Joint Stock CompanyVBB - Vietnam Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock BankVBG - Vinacomin -Viet Bac Geology JSCVBH - Viettronics Binh Hoa Joint Stock CompanyVC5 - Construction Joint Stock Company No 5VCE - CONSTRUCTION ENVIRONMENT JSCVCP - VCP Power Development & Contrustion JSCVCR - Vinaconex Investment And Tourism Development JSCVCT - Vinaconex’s Construction Consultant JSCVCW - Song Da Water Investment JSCVCX - Yen Binh Cement JSCVDB - Dong Bac Transport and Processing of Coal JSCVDM - Vietnam Textile Research InstituteVDN - Vinatex Da Nang JSCVDT - Binh Tay Steel Wire Netting Joint Stock CompanyVE9 - VNECO 9 Investment & Construction Joint Stock CompanyVEA - Viet Nam Engine And Agricultural Machinery CorporationVEC - Vietnam Electronics and Informatics Joint Stock CorporationVEF - Vietnam Exhibition Fair Centre JSCVES - Meca Vneco Investment & Electricity Construction JSCVET - Navetco National Veterinary Joint Stock CompanyVFC - Vinafco Joint Stock Corporation VFR - Transport And Chartering CorporationVFS - Viet First Securities CorporationVGG - Viet Tien Garment CorporationVGI - Viettel Global Investment Joint Stock CompanyVGL - Vingal - Vnsteel Industries Joint Stock CompanyVGR - Vip Greenport Joint Stock Company VGT - Vietnam National Textile & Garment GroupVGV - VietNam National Construction Consultants Corporation - JSCVHD - Vinaconex Urban And Housing Development Invesment Joint Stock CompanyVHF - Vinh Ha Food Processing and Construction JSCVHG - Quang Nam Rubber Investment JSCVHH - Thanh Dat Investment House Trading Joint Stock CompanyVHI - Viet Ha Investment and Trading Joint Stock CompanyVIH - Viglacera Hanoi Joint Stock CompanyVIM - Viglacera Mineral JSCVIN - Vinatrans International Freight Forwarders JSCVIR - Vung Tau Intourco Resort JSCVIW - Vietnam Water & Environment Investment Corporation JSCVKD - Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock CompanyVKP - Viky Plastic Joint Stock CompanyVLB - BIEN HOA BUILDING MATERIALS PRODUCTION AND CONSTRUCTION JSCVLC - Vietnam Livestock Corporation JSCVLF - Vinh Long Cereal and Food CorporationVLG - Vinalines Logistics - Viet Nam JSCVLP - Vinh Long Public Works Joint Stock CompanyVLW - Vinh Long Water Supply Joint Stock Company LimitedVMA - Vinacomin Motor Industry Joint Stock CompanyVMG - Commercial Corporation and Petroleum Services Vung TauVNA - Vinaship Joint Stock CompanyVNB - Viet Nam Books JSCVNH - Viet Viet Nhat Investment CorporationVNI - Viet Nam Land Investment CorporationVNP - Viet Nam Plastic CorporationVNX - Vinexad National Trade Fair & Advertising JSCVNY - Vietnam Veterinary Products Joint Stock CompanyVOC - Vietnam Vegetable Oils Industry CorporationVPA - VP Petrochemical Transport JSCVPC - Viet Nam Power Invesment & Development JSCVPR - Vina Printing JSCVPW - Vinh Phuc Water Supply and Drainage Joint Stock Company No.1VQC - Vinacomin Quacontrol Joint Stock CompanyVRG - Viet Nam Rubber Industrial Zone and Urban Development JSCVSE - Vietnam Expressway Services JSCVSF - Vietnam Southern Food Corporation - JSCVSG - South VietNam Container Shipping JSCVSN - Vissan Joint Stock CompanyVSP - Viet Hai Shipping & Real Properties CorporationVST - Vietnam Sea Transport and Chartering Joint Stock CompanyVTA - Vitaly Joint Stock CompanyVTD - Vietourist Travel JSCVTE - VINACAP Telecom Electronics JSCVTG - Ba Ria - Vung Tau Tourist Joint Stock CompanyVTI - Textitle - Garment Import Export & Production JSCVTK - Viettel Consultant and Design Joint Stock CompanyVTM - Vinacomin Transportation and Miner Commuting Service JSCVTP - Viettel Post Joint Stock CorporationVTR - Vietnam Travel and Marketing Transports Joint Stock CompanyVTX - Vietranstimex MultiModal Transport Holding CompanyVVN - Vietnam Industrial Construction CorporationVW3 - Viwaseen3 Joint Stock Company - Viwaseen.3VWS - Viet Nam Water, Sanitation and Environment JSCVXP - VETVACO National Veterinary Joint Stock CompanyVXT - Transport Warehousing and Trade Service JSCWSB - Saigon Beer Western JSCWTC - Vinacomin - Waterway Transport JSCX26 - 26 JSCX77 - Thanh An 77 JSCXDH - Ha Noi Civil Construction Investment Joint Stock CompanyXHC - Xuan Hoa Viet Nam JSCXLV - Song Da Construction & Service JSCXMC - Xuan Mai Investment & Construction JSCXMD - Xuan Mai - Dao Tu Joint Stock CompanyXPH - Ha Noi Soap Joint Stock CompanyYBC - YenBai Cement And Minerals JSCYRC - YEN LAO RAILWAY JSCYTC - Ho Chi Minh City Medical Import Export Joint Stock CompanyBCEL - Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur LaoEDL-Gen - EDL-Generation Public CompanyLWPC - Lao World Public CompanyLXS - Lanexang Securities Public CompanyPetroTrade - Petroleum Trading Lao Public CompanyGTI - Grand Twins International (Cambodia) Ltd.PPAP - Phnom Penh Autonomous PortPPSP - Phnom Penh Special Economic Zone PlcPPWSA - Phnom Penh Water Supply AuthoritySihanoukville - The Sihanoukville Autonomous PortTelecomCambodia - Telecom Cambodia126IBC - 126 Investment Business and Construction JSCAAAA - AAA Assurance CorporationAAUS - A AU Securities CompanyABBS - An Binh Securities Joint Stock CompanyABFM - An Binh Fund Management Joint Stock CompanyACCCO - Architecture and Construction Consultants JSCACHAU - Asia Silk CorporationAclii - Agribank Leasing Joint Stock Company IIACSVN - ACS Viet Nam JSCAECS - Airport Engineering Consul Tancy And Services JSCAFC - Binh Duong Agriculture and Forestry JSCAGC - An Giang Coffee Joint Stock CompanyAGD - Godaco Seafood Joint Stock CompanyAgrimexcoCaMau - Ca Mau Agricultural Products Import - Export JSCAGROMAS - Agricultural Engineering & Irrigation,. JSCAGTourimex - An Giang Tourimex Joint Stock CompanyAirserco - Air Service Supply Joint Stock ComoanyAITS - Aviation Information and telecommunications Joint Stock CompanyALC - Au Lac Joint Stock CompanyALP - Alphanam Investment Joint Stock CompanyALS - Aviation Logistics CorporationAMIC - Amic Investment Joint Stock CompanyANCO - Agro Nutrition International JSCAnCuong - An Cuong Wood JSCAnphatCapital - Merlin Capital Management Joint Stock CompanyAnPhu - An Phu Real Estates & Investment Joint Stock CompanyAnresco - An Giang Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyAplaco - Aviation Hight Grade Plastic,. SCAPRest - An Phat Real Estate Investment Trading Joint Stock CompanyAPSC - ALPHA Securities Joint Stock CompanyArtexport - Handicraft and Art Articles Export - Import JSCArtexSaigon - Import Export JSC For Fine Air Handicraft & Small Industry ProductASCH - A Chau Corporation JSCASCS - ASC Securities CoporationASCSaiGon - Sai Gon ASC Agriculture Investment CorporationASIACorp - ASIA CorpASIAGF - ACB Growth FundATC - Vien Thong A JSCATSC - An Thanh Securities Joint Stock CompanyAuto15 - 1-5 Automobile Joint Stock CompanyAvicon - Aviation Construction Joint Stock CompanyAVS - Au Viet Securities CorporationAzureCity - Azure City CorporationBAB - Bac A Commercial Joint Stock BankBacGiang - Bac Giang Import Export Corporation BachHoa - General Department Store Joint Stock CompanyBachViet - Bach Viet Technology and Investment CorporationBAF - Binh An Seafood Joint Stock CompanyBAFECO - Bac Lieu Feedmil CompanyBAM - Bac A Metallurgy & Mineral JSCBaoBiDuoc - Pharmaceutical Packaging Joint Stock CompanyBaoHoLaoDong - Sundries & Labour Protection Joint Stock CompanyBaoVietBank - Bao Viet Joint Stock Commercial BankBaoVietResort - Bao Viet Hotel & Tourism Joint Stock CompanyBarotex - Barotex Vietnam Invesment & Trading ,. JSCBAS - Basa Joint Stock CompanyBaseafood - Ba Ria -Vung Tau Seafood Processing & Import - Export,. JSCBAV - Bamboo Airways JSCBBL - BOURBON BEN LUC SHAREHOLDING COMPANYBCV - Vimico – Cao Bang Bang Giang Travel And Trading Joint Stock CompanyBDC - Bach Dang Construction Corporation JSCBDF - Binh Dinh Footwear JSCBDP - Oriental Sea Villas and Hotel JSCBDS - Binh Dinh Sugar Joint Stock CompanyBDSThanhNien - Thanh nien Real Estate JSCBenhVienGiaoThong - Transport Hospital Joint Stock CompanyBenthanhhouse - Benthanh Housing Development Company JSCBeta - Beta Securities IncorporationBeTongHaiAu - Hai Au Concrete Joint Stock CompanyBGM - Bac Giang Exploitable Mineral Joint Stock CompanyBiaCanTho - Can Tho Beer-Bererage Joint Stock CompanyBiaSaiGonDongNai - Sai Gon Dong Nai Beer Joint Stock CompanyBiaSaiGonHaNam - Sai Gon - Ha Nam Beer,. JSCBiaSaiGonPhuYen - Sai Gon Phu Yen Beer Joint Stock CompanyBiaSaiGonQuyNhon - Sai Gon - Quy Nhơn Beer Joint Stock CompanyBiaVietHa - Viet Ha Beer-Bererage Joint Stock Company BinhDien - Binh Dien Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyBinhDinh - Binh Dinh Agriculture Technic Mater Joint Stock CompanyBinhTriThien - Binh Tri Thien Food Joint Stock CompanyBiprica - Binh Dinh Print & Packaging ., JSCBJC - Bao Loc VRG Joint Stock CompanyBluechipfund - VCBF Blue Chip FundBM9 - 319 Southern Investment Construction Joint Stock CompanyBMJC - Building Materials Production and Construction JSCBNC - Ba Na Service Cable Car Joint Stock CompanyBongSen - Bong Sen Corporation BPMC - Binh Thuan Petroleum Material Joint Stock CompanyBritec - Bridge - Tunnel Engineering Consultant Joint Stock CompanyBSMCorp - BSM CorpBTC - Binh Trieu Engineering and Construction JSCBTJ - Ben Thanh Jewelry Joint Stock CompanyBTL - Ben Thanh Land Investment CorporationBVA - Bac Viet Produce and Trading Stock CompanyBVC - Bavico Joint Stock CompanyBVF1 - Bao Viet Securities Investment FundBVFED - BaoViet Equity Dynamic Open-Ended FundBXD - Da Nang Transport & Admintration Parking Place., JSCC42 - Hydraulic Construct JSC 42Cafatex - Cafatex Fishery Joint Stock CoporationCafeControl - The Superintendence & Inspection of Coffee & Products for Export - Import ,. JSCCamRanh - Cam Ranh Airports Services Joint Stock Company CangVatCach - Vat Cach Port Joint Stock CompanyCanHoNamLong - Nam Long Apartment Development CorporationCapNuocCanTho2 - Can Tho 2 Water Supply JSCCapQuang - Post and Telecommunication Technology of Optical Fiber and Equipment JSCCapVietNhat - Viet Nhat Investment And Trading JSCCaric - Caric Joint Stock CompanyCASHIN - Can Tho Building Industry & Transport,. JSCCASOCO - Phu Dinh Port JSCCau14 - Joint Stock Bridge Company No.14 - Cienco1CauGiay - Cau Giay Investment Trading Services ., JSCCauTre - Cau Tre Export Goods Processing Joint Stock CompanyCavicob - Cavico Bridge & Tunnel Construction Joint Stock CompanyCavicoEc - The Energy Construction Joint Stock CompanyCavicoGiaoThong - Cavico Transport Construction CorporationCavicoHaTang - Cavico Construction Infrastructure Joint Stock CompanyCavicoHC - Cavico Hydropower Construction JSCCavicoVN - Cavico Viet Nam Construction & Investment ,. JSCCayTrong - Quang Ninh Seeds Joint Stock CompanyCC7 - Transport Project Joint Stock Company No.710CCN2 - Quang Ninh Construction J.S.C. No.2CeFiC - Tin Viet Finance Joint Stock CompanyCemacoHanoi - Chemical & Scientific Technological Materials Joint Stock CompanyCER - Cadastre and Enviromental Resources Joint Stock CompanyCGP - Can Gio Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyChieuSang - Lighting - Electric Joint Stock CompanyChipSang - Brilliant Chip Joint Stock CompanyChoLonTourist - Cho Lon Tourist JSCCHULAIQN - KyHa Chulai Quangnam Development And Investment One Member JSCCIC - Cotec Investment And Construction JSCCIC1 - Industry Civil Contruction No 1 DongNai JSCCIC8 - No.8 Investment and Construction JSCCICP1 - Consultancy Investment & Construction Project Joint Stock Company No 1CIE - 128 Buiding Investment and Construction., JSCCIENCO1 - Civil Engineering Construction Corporation No.1CIENCO473 - 473 Joint Stock CompanyCIENCO5 - Civil Engineering Construction Corporation No.5 - JSCCIENCO503 - Civil Engineering Contruction JSC No 503.CIENCO610 - 610 CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCKCIENCO624 - Joint Equipment & Material Engineering Bulding 624Cistra - City Service and Trading Joint Stock CompanyCIV - Vina MotorInvestCJC203 - Construction JSC No.203CK8 - 120 Mechanical JSCCKI - Printing Mechanical Joint Stock CompanyCKTAYNINH - Tay Ninh Mechanical Joint Stock CompanyCLP - CuuLong Seaproducts CompanyCLS - Cho Lon Securities Joint Stock CompanyCMCHanoi - Hanoi Construction Material Joint Stock CompanyCNH - Nha Trang Port Joint Stock CompanyCO122 - Construction and Investment JSC No.122 - Cienco 1CokhiNgoGiaTu - Ngo Gia Tu Mechanical JCSCoKhiOTo32 - 3-2 Automobile Mechanical Joint Stock CompanyConDao - Condao Seaproducts and Import - Export JSCCongNgheCao - High Technology Joint Stock CompanyCongNghiepMasan - Masan Industrial CorporationCongNghiepPhuYen - Phu Yen Industrial Joint Stock Company CongThanh - Cong Thanh Cement Joint Stock CompanyCongTrinh134 - Engineering Construction and Investment JSC No 134CongTrinh525 - Civil Engineering Construction JSC No.525CongTrinhBuuDien - Post Project Development Joint Stock CompanyCongTrinhHaNoi - Ha Noi Works Investment Joint Stock CompanyCongTy118 - One One Eight CorporationCONSTRAD423 - Construction and Trading Joint-Stock Company 423COPAC - Construction and Investment Joint Stock Commercial PacificCoresco - Ben Thanh Investment And Construction And Real Estate JSCCosaco - Saigon Construction Joint Stock CompanyCosevco1 - Construction and Producing Materials JSC Cosevco 1Cosevco75 - COSEVCO 75Cotec - Cotec Construction Technology & Material JSCCotecAnpha - Anpha Construction Technology Joint Stock CompanyCOXANO - Thua Thien Hue Construction Machinery,. JSCCSCJ - Capital Securities JSCCSG - Saigon Cable CorporationCST124 - Civil Engineering and Trading Joint Stock Company 124CTCCorp - Cangio Tourist City CorporationCTE - CMC Telecommunication Infrastructure CorporationCTGT - Ba Ria - Vung Tau Transportation Works Shareholding Company CTM - Vinavico Investment Construction & Mining JSCCTV - Viet Nam Investment - Production And Trading JSCCty479 - No 479 Joint Stock CompanyCVC - Electromechanics Materials Joint - Stock CompanyCVS - CV Securities CorporationCXC - Cau Xay Joint Stock CompanyCZC - Central Zone - Coal JSCD26 - Road Management & Construction Joint Stock Company 26DaBinhDinh - VRG Binh Dinh Stone Granite Joint Stock CompanyDaGiayHaiPhong - Hai Phong Leather Products and Footwear and Development JSCDaGiayVietNam - Viet Nam Leader and Footwear Joint Stock CompanyDaiMo - Dai Mo Construction Machinery Joint Stock CompanyDAN - Danapha Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDaNangXD - Da Nang Protect Construction Joint Stock Company DANATEX - Da Nang - Khanh Hoa Textile Joint Stock CompanyDaTayDo - Tay Do Leather Joint Stock CompanyDatVang - Song Da Gold Land Joint Stock CompanyDauTuHaNoi - Ha Noi TIC Trading and Investment JSCDBF - North East Food Joint Stock CompanyDCC - Descon Construction CorporationDDS - AIS Securitues Joint Stock CompanyDeltaAgf - Delta AGF Investment & Construction,. JSCDeltaCorp - Chau Tho CorporationDeltaTower - Canh Hung Hai Thanh CorporationDetHaDong - Hanosimex Ha Dong Textile JSCDetPhongPhu - Phong Phu Fabric Joint Stock CompanyDetVinhPhu - Vinh Phu Textlie Joint Stock CompanyDFS - Dongnai Import Export Processing Agricultural Products and Food CompanyDHI - Dien Hong Printing Joint Stock CompanyDHL - Dai Hung Container JSCDIAOC3 - Construction & Real estate JSCDiaOcGiaDinh - Gia Dinh Real Estate JSCDIC1 - Contruction Urban & Industrial Park JSCDICThanhBinh - hanh Binh Development Investment Comstrution,. JSCDienLucDaNang - Da Nang Hydro Power Joint Stock CompanyDienNuocHaNoi - Hanoi Water Electric Installation Construction JSCDienThuBon - Thu Bon Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyDiginet - Dinh Gia Net CorporationDKP - Duoc Khoa Pharmaceutical JSCDLC - Can Tho Tourist JSCDLV - Viet NamTourism - Vitours Joint Stock CompanyDLX - Delex Viet Nam Joint Stock CompanyDMCSouth - DMC - Southern Petroleum Chemicals JSCDMH - Minh Hai Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDMTC - DRILLING AND MINING TECHNICAL SERVICE JOINT STOCK COMPANYDNF - Da Nang Food Joint Stock CompanyDNG - Water Electrical Mechanical Installion & Construction JSCDNSE - Dainam Securities CompanyDomenal - Domenal Joint Stock CompanyDonatraco - Dong Nai Manufacturing, Service & Trading Joint Stock CompanyDongABank - Dong A Commercial Joint Stock BankDongAnhSteel - Hanoi Construction and Steel Structure Joint Stock CompanyDongTam - Dong Tam Joint Stock CorporationDongThapTourist - Dong Thap Tourist Joint Stock CompanyDongTien - Dong Tien Joint Stock CompanyDongXanh - Greenland Joint Stock CompanyDOPHARMA - Central Pharmaceutical JSC No.2DoThi18 - 18 Infranstructure Investment JSC DTF - Dona NewTower Soft Drink & Foodstuff JSCDTH - Thanh Hoa Medical Materials Pharmaceutical JSCDTN - Thong Nhat Match Joint Stock CompanyDTS - Da Lat Tourism Joint Stock CompanyDTSC - Delta Securities Joint Stock CompanyDucTanLong - Tan Long Constrexim Casting Joint Stock CompanyDuLichDaNang - Da Nang Tourism Joint Stock CompanyDULICHKHANHHOA - Khanh Hoa Tourism JSCDuLichTaCu - TaCu Tourist Joint Stock CompanyDuLichThanhBinh - Thanh Binh Tourist Joint Stock CompanyDuLichThanhHoa - Thanh Hoa Tourism Joint Stock CompanyDuocBaoChau - Bao Chau Pharmaceutical Group Joint Stock CompanyDuocDomedic - DOMEDIC Medical Joint Stock CompanyDuocICA - ICA Biotechnological - Pharmaceutical JSCDuocLieuTW2 - National Phytopharma Joint Stock CompanyDuocNamHa - Nam Ha Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDuocPham32 - Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company of February 3rdDuocTanPhat - Tan Phat Pharmaceutical - Medical Equipment JSCDuocYenBai - Yen Bai Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDuongBo234 - Menegement & Road Building 234,. JSCDuongCanTho - Can Tho Sugar Joint Stock CompanyDuongLaNga - La Nga Sugar Cane and Sugar Joint Stock CompanyDuongSatPhiaNam - South Railways Joint Stock CompanyDuongSocTrang - Soc Trang Sugar Joint Stock CompanyDuyHoang07 - Duy Hoang 07 CorporationDVCCBinhDuong - Binh Duong Construction and Public Service Joint Stock CompanyDVD - Vien Dong Phamaceutical Joint Stock CompanyDVH - Vietnam - Hungari Electric Machinery Manufacturing Joint Stock CompanyDVSC - Dai Viet Securities Joint Stock CompanyDVVTKHANHHOA - Khanh Hoa Coach Station And Transport JS Service CECC - Euro Capital Securities JSCEden - Eden Joint Stock CompanyEDX - EDX Group CorporationENF - Eastspring Investments Vietnam Navigator FundETCC - Equipment Telecom and Cable JSCEurowindow - EurowindowEximland - Exim Land CorportationFalcon - Falcon Shipping Joint Stock CompanyFBT - Bentre Forestry & Aquaproduct Import Export JSCFCB - First Joint Stock Commercial BankFDT - FiditourJoint Stock CompanyFHH - FLCHOMES Real Estate Investment Business and Development JSCFIS - FPT Information System JSCFoodinco - Foodinco Investment And Trading JSCFormach - Formach Joint Stock CompanyFPC - Full Power Joint Stock CompanyFPTCapital - FPT Fund Management Joint Stock CompanyFPTTrading - FPT Trading Joint Stock CompanyFritHue - Frit Hue Joint Stock CompanyFSS - Financial Software SolutionsFTV - Vietnam Fortress Tools JSCGachThaiBinh - Thai Binh Joint Stock Ceramic Tiles CompanyGANGTHEPLAOCAI - LAOCAI IRON AND STEEL INVESTMENT JSC - VIMICOGBS - Golden Bridge Viet Nam Securities JSCGCC - Ben Thanh General Cultural JSCGDC - Gia Dinh Import - Export Joint Stock CompanyGEC - Gang Thep Engineering Joint Stock CompanyGefoseco - General Foodstuff & Service Joint Stock CompanyGeleximco - Ha Noi General Export CoporationGelimex - Machinery Electronic Appliances & Technology JSCGeneralimex - General II Import - Export Joint Stock CompanyGenesis - Genesis Fund Management Joint Stock CompanyGenexim - Ho Chi Minh City General Material Import Export JSCGentraco - Gentraco CorporationGetraco - General Trading JSC Ba Ria Vung Tau ProvinceGFC - GFC Manufacturing - Trading & Service JCSGGS - Hanoi Livestock Breeding JSCGiaDinhCo - Gia Dinh Development CorperationGiaDungPhongPhu - Phong Phu Home Textile Joint Stock CompanyGiaiPhapS2P - S2P Digital Solutions and Techlonogy Services Joint Stock CompanyGiaoThong - Equipments of Transport Construction Joint Stock CompanyGiaoThong2 - Transportation Works Shareholding No 2 Company GiaoThongQN - Quang Nam Transport Construction ,. JSCGiaSangSteel - Gia Sang Stell Joint Stock CompanyGiayDepWEC - Wec Sai Gon Joint Stock CompanyGiayHaiDuong - Hai Duong Shoes Joint Stock CompanyGiayHaNoi - Ha Noi Leather and Shoe JSCGiayLamSon - Lam Son Paper Joint Stock CompanyGiayLeHoa - Le Hoa Paper Joint Stock CompanyGID - Gia Dinh Textile & Garment CorporationGLS - Golden Lotus Securities CorporationGoldenGate - Golden Gate Trade And Service JscGRL - Green Logistics JSCGSC - Geruco - Song Con Hydro Power Joint Stock CompanyGT6 - Civil Engineering Construction Corporation No.6GTC - Golden Dragon Tea JSCH22 - Hanoi Housing Development And Investment JSC 22Habac - Ha Bac Construction Mechanical JSC No 2HaChau - Ha Chau Joint Stock CompanyHACO - Ha Noi Architectural JSCHAFIC - Handico Finacial Joint Stock CompanyHaiAn - Hai An Shipbuiding Joint Stock CompanyHaicatex - Ha Noi Industrial Textile Joint Stock CompanyHaiChau - Hai Chau Confectionery Joint Stock CompanyHaiPhongMarine - Hai Phong Marine Investment and Trading JSCHaiVanNam - Hai Van Nam Joint Stock CompanyHAMC - Hoa Binh Autômbile Mechanical Joint Stock CompanyHanaka - Hanaka Group Joint Stock CompanyHaNamNinh - Ha Nam Ninh Food Joint Stock CompanyHanexim - Ha Anh Export Import Joint Stock CompanyHaNoiFood - HANOIFOOD JSCHaNoiNonNuoc - Ha Noi Non NuocHaNoiOptic - Ha Noi Optic JSCHaNoiTD - Ha Noi Trading Development JSCHanosimex - Hai Phong Stock Commercial CompanyHAPHARCO - Ha Noi Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment Import Export JSCHapoco - Hai Duong Porcelain Join Stock CompanyHARATOUR - HANOI RAILWAY TOURIST SERVICE. JSCHaTienKienGiang - Ha Tien Cement Joint Stock CompanyHBI - HBI Joint Stock CompanyHD3 - MHDI3 Housing And Urban Development Investment Joint Stock CompanyHDBS - HDB Securities CorporationHDCC1 - Hai Duong Joint Stock Construction Company No 1HDLinvest - HDL Commercial and Investment JSCHeco - Highway Engineering Consultant Joint Stock CompanyHemco - Hanoi Education Material Joint Stock CompanyHFT - Pinetree Securities CorporationHHA - Hong Ha Stationery Joint Stock CompanyHHD - Urban & Housing Development Joint Stock CompanyHHL - Hong Ha - Long An Joint Stock CompanyHHP - Hai Phong Hoang Ha Paper JSCHIC - Ha Noi Investment and Construction JSC No1Hidico - DOng Thap Housing and Industrial Zone Development Investment JSCHiepThanh - Hiep Thanh JSCHimLam - Him Lam CorporationHN184 - 18-4 Ha Noi Joint Stock CompanyHNC - Huu Nghi Cement Joint Stock CompanyHoaBinh - Hoa Binh CorporationHoaChat - Chemical Joint Stock CompanyHoaChatCanTho - Can Tho Fertilizer and Chemicals Joint Stock CompanyHoachatmiennam - The Southern Chemical JSCHoaChatViSinh - Microbiological And Chemical Industry JSCHoaDuocVN - Viet Nam Chemico Pharmaceutical Joint Stock CompanyHoaMinhDuc - Minh Duc Chemical Stockshare CompanyHoangHac - Hoang Hac Joint Stock CompanyHoangLongAn - Hoang Long Long An CorporationHoneyboy - Honeyboy JSCHongHaInvest - Hong Ha Investment CorporationHongNam - Hong Nam Mechanical Joint Stock CompanyHOPACO - Hoang Van Thu Paper JSCHopNhat - Hop Nhat Viet Nam CorporationHopThinh - Hop Thinh Joint Stock CompanyHPA - Hung Phu Medical Glass Joint Stock CompanyHPE - Hanel Professional Electronics JSCHPL - Can Tho Ferry - Bridge Standage JSCHPR - Hong Phat Construction Investment JSCHPRAILCO - Hai Phong Railway Compartment Joint Stock CompanyHPS - Hoa Phat Construction Stone JSCHPTourism - Hai Phong Tourism Joint Stock CompanyHQM - Hoang Quan MeKong CorporationHRG - Hanoi Rubber Joint Stock CopmanyHRS - VietNam Gateway Securities JSCHSC - Hacinco Joint Stock CompanyHSSC - Hanoi Securities Joint Stock CorporationHST - Hung Yen Books & School Equipment JSCHT2 - Ha Tien 2 Cement Joint Stock CompanyHTB - Huy Thang Construction Joint Stock CompanyHTCJC2 - Ha Noi Transport Construction JSC No.2HTS - Huong Thinh Steel JSCHudeco - Hudeco Education Development & Investment ,. JSCHumic - Humic Quang Ngai Fertilezer,. JSCHungPhu - Hung Phu Joint Stock CompanyHuongGiangCIC - Huong Giang Consultancy Investment and Construction JSCHuuNghiDaNang - Huu Nghi Da Nang Joint Stock CompanyHuuNghiNgheAn - Huu Nghi Joint Stock Company of Nghe AnHuuToan - Huu Toan CorporationHVB - Hung Vuong Assurance CorporationHVC - Prosper Joint Stock CompanyHVCapital - KIM (VietNam) Fund Management JSCHVS - HVS Viet Nam Securities CompanyIBFM - Red Capital Management Joint Stock CompanyICJC - Investment and Construction Trade JSCICL - Vinh Long Import Export Joint Stock CompanyICPC - Iternational Consumptiom Products JSCIDICOICT - Investment Construction And Tourism Joint - Stock CompanyIDN - Danang Printing and Service Joint Stock CompanyIDPCo - Phu Yen Investment and Development CorporationIETC - Industrial Equipment Trade JSCIFMC - International Fund Management Joint Stock CompanyIMEXBINHDINH - Binh Dinh Import - Export Joint Stock CompanyIMT - HCMC General Import Export & Investment.,JSCInconess - Investment Consultant and Enterprise Support JSCIneximDaklak - Daklak Investment Export Import JSCING - The Investment & Construction Development CorporationInPhucYen - Phuc Yen Printing JSCInSaiGon - Sai Gon Printing Advertising Service Trading CorporationInSo7 - Printing No7 Joint Stock CompanyInTaiChinh - Finance Printing Joint Stock CompanyInThongNhat - Thong Nhat Priting and Trading Joint Stock CompanyInTienGiang - Tien Giang Printing Joint Stock CompanyIntimex - Intimex Import - Export Joint Stock CompanyIntimexco - VIETNAM INTIMEX JOINT STOCK CORPORATIONInTranPhu - Tran Phu Printing Joint Stock CompanyInVanHoaPham - Printing and Cultural Product JSCINVESTCOM - Investcom JSCINVESTREAL - Investment and Real Estate Business JSCIRS - Royal International Securities Joint Stock CompanyISC - Viet Nam Industry Securities CompanyIVAM - INTELLECTUAL VIETNAM ASSET MANAGEMENT JOINT STOCK COMPANYJSC - Ha Noi Civil Construction & Investment JSCJSI - Japan Securities IncorporatedKAL - Khanh Hoa Aluminum Joint Stock Company KBT - Kien Giang Brick Tile Joint Stock CompanyKGTICJC - Kien Giang Transportation and Irrigation JSCKGU - Kien Giang Urban Development Joint Stock CompanyKhaithacda - Corporation Hue QuarryingKhanhTan - Khanh Tan JSCKHOANGSAN4 - MINERALS DEVELOPMENT JONT STOCK COMPANY KhoangSanPhuYen - Phu Yen Mineral Joint Stock CompanyKhoaVietTiep - Viet Tiep Lock CompanyKido - Kidos CorporationKiemNghia - Nghia Nippers CorporationKienTrucADC - ADC Architecture Decoration Construction JSCKigitraco - Kien Giang Agriculture Product Trading JSCKIGIWI - Kien Giang Lan-Route And Ship Transport JSCKimAnh - Kim Anh Tea Joint Stock CompanyKimKhiBacThai - Bac Thai Metal Joint Stock CompanyKimLien - Kim Lien Tourism Joint Stock CompanyKimTuThap - Vietnam Pyramid New Technology CorporationKinhDoLand - Kinh Do Land CorporationKIS - KIS Vietnam Securities CorporationKISUCO - Kien Giang Sugar Joint Stock CompanyKLS - Kim Long Securities CorporationKMF - Mirae Fiber Joint Stock CompanyKNITEXIM - Haprosimex - Thang Long Joint Stock CompanyKPC - Kim Phong Trading Production Investment Joint Stock CompanyKSA - Binh Thuan Mineral Industry Joint Stock CompanyKSC - Khanh Hoa Salt Joint Stock CompanyKSS - Na Ri Hamico Mineral Joint Stock CompanyKTBX - Kon Tum Bus Station Joint - Stock CompanyKTU - Kon Tum Urban Environment JSCKVS - Kenanga Viet Nam Securities Joint Stock CorporationLacHong - Lac Hong Investment CorporationLamDong - Lam Dong Construction Join-Stock Company – No1.LamSankienGiang - Kien Giang Agro-Forestry Product Joint-Stock CompanyLaNga - Langa Investment CorporationLanmak - Lanmak Property Investment Construction JSCLaoDongQuocTe - International Supplying Manpower and Construction JSCLasotra - Lang Son Trade Joint Stock CompanyLCO - Licogi 16.1 Joint Stock CompanyLiberty - Que Huong Liberty CorporationLicogi16 - Licogi 16 M&C Joint Stock CompanyLicogi162 - Licogi 16.2 Construction JSCLicogi165 - Licogi 16.5 Joint Stock CompanyLicogi169 - Licogi 16.9 JSCLidovit - Trading & Industrial Joint Stock Company LIDOVITLilamaHN - Lilama Ha Noi Joint Stock CompanyLilamaPhaLai - Lilama 69-1 Pha Lai Joint Stock CompanyLinhGas - Linh Gas Viet Nam Joint Stock CompanyLMR - Lien Minh CorporationLongTho - Long Tho Joint Stock CompanyLotusIMC - Lotus Investment Management Joint Stock CompanyLSG - Saigon Vina Land Joint Stock CompanyLuongMyPoultry - Luong My Poultry Food ,. JSCLuongSonHoaBinh - Luong Son Hoa Binh Vinaconex Cement JSCLVC - Viet Wealth Fund Management JSCLVN - Viet Nam Wool Joint Stock CompanyLVS - Lien Viet Security Joint Stock CompanyMAFPF1 - Manulife Progressive Fund MAX - Huu Nghi Vinh Sinh Mining And Mecanic JSCMayDongA - Dong A Textile Garment Joint Stock CompanyMayLongAn - Long An Machinery Industry Joint Stock CompanyMayPhuongDong - Phuong Dong Garment Joint Stock CompanyMaySaiGon2 - Saigon 2 Garment Joint Stock CompanyMaySaiGon3 - Sai Gon 3 Garment Joint Stock CompanyMayThangLong - Thang Long Garment Joint Stock CompanyMayVietThang - Viet Thang Garment Joint Stock CompanyMayVietThinh - Viet Thinh Gameny Joint Stock CompanyMBCapital - MB Capital Management JSCMBVF - MB Capital Value FundMccons - Machines Construction & Service Joint Stock CompanyMCJ - Machinery and Spare Part Joint Stock CompanyMCL - Chi Linh Building Materials And House Development JSCMCV - Cavico Viet Nam Mining & Construction JSCMDT - Vinacomin – Mineral Mechanic and Shipbulding JSCMEBI - Medical Biomaterial & Pharmaceutical JSCMECO - Thai Nguyen Metallurgical electrome Chanical Joint Stock CompanyMedico - Mineral Development Joint Stock CompanyMediplast - Medical Plastic Joint Stock CompanyMHBS - MHB Securities CorporationMiaDuongBenTre - Ben Tre Sugar Joint Stock CompanyMiaDuongNongCong - Nong Cong Sugar Joint Stock Corporation MiaDuongSonDuong - Son Duong Sugar and Sugar Cane Joint Stock CompanyMienTrung - Central Region Investment and Development JSCMIH - Ha Nam Mineral Imoport - Export JSCMINEXCO - Khanh Hoa Mining and Investment JSCMinhPhuc - Minh Phuc Manufacturing And Trading JSCMinhVietCapital - PAVO CAPITAL Asset Managemant Joint Stock CompanyMIREX - Vietnam Mineral Resources & Metallurgy JSCMIWACO - Sonkim Hatinh Mineral Water and Tourism JSCMJC - Moc Hoa Trading Joint Stock CompanyMKT - Minh Khai Textile Joint Stock CompanyMLG - Mail Linh GroupMOBITECHS - Mobile Telecom Infracstructure and Technical Services CorpartionMotorVN - United Motor Viet Nam Joint Stock CompanyMSC - Phu Nhuan Service Joint Stock CompanyMSI - KB Securities Vietnam Joint Stock CompanyMTJ - Consulting and construction of Central JSCMyKhe - My Khe Viet Nam Joint Stock CompanyMyPhamSG - Sai Gon Cosmetics CorportionNakydaco - Tan Binh Vegetable Oil Joint Stock CompanyNAMCO - Nghe An Mineral JSCNamKhang - Nam Khang Investment Joint Stock CompanyNamThi - Namthi Song Da No7 Hydropwer Jont Stock CompanyNamTrieu - Nam Trieu Shipbuilding Industry & Construction JSCNamVietOil - Namviet Oil Refinery & Petrochemicals JSCNatraco - Nghe An Trading Joint stock companyNBN - Civil Engineering Construction Joint Stock Company No 545NBS - Nghe An Bus Station Joint Stock CompanyNgocHy - Tran Ngoc hy Ca Mau Printing Service,. JSCNgocTung - Ngoc Tung Manufacturing, Service & Trading Joint Stock Company NhaBeTech - Nha Be Consulting Technology Joint Stock CompanyNhanLuc - LOD Human Resource Development CorporationNhaSaiGon - Sai Gon Investment Construction and Trading Real Estate JSCNhatNam - Nhat Nam Joint Stock CompanyNHN - HanoiSouthern City Development JSCNhoQue1 - Nho Que 1 Hydro Electric Joint Stock CompanyNHS - Ninh Hoa Sugar Joint Stock CompanyNhuNgoc - Nhu Ngoc Import - Export Trading & Processing JSCNHW - Ngo Han Joint Stock CompanyNIC - Nhơn Trạch Investment JSCNinhBac - Ninh Bac Finance Investment CorporationNIS - Network Infrastructure Service Joint Stock CompanyNISACO - Ninh Thuan Salt Joint Stock CompanyNKD - North Kinhdo Food Joint Stock Company NLC - Naloi Hydropower Joint Stock CompanyNoiHoiVN - Viet Nam Boiler Joint Stock CompanyNongSanNinhThuan - Ninh Thuan Agricultural Products Export Joint Stock CompanyNPH - Nha Trang Post Hotel Joint stock companyNPS - Phu Thinh - Nha Be Garment Joint Stock CommpanyNSCTech - NCS Technology CorporationNSI - National Securities IncoporationNSN - 565 Construction Joint Stock CompanyNSP - Sacom Plastic CorporationNTS - SHINEC Wood Furniture Joint Stock CompanyNuocQuangNam - Quangnam Water Draining Supplying JSCNutifood - Dong Tam Nutrition Food Joint Stock Company NVC - Nam Vang CorporationNVN - Housevietnam Joint Stock CompanyNVS - Navibank Securities Joint Stock CompanyOLC - Overseas Labour Employment, Services and Contruction JSCOMC - Oriential Investment Fund Management CorporationORC - Ocean Retail & Assets Management JSCOSC - Dai Tay Duong Securities Joint Stock CompanyOSCVN - The National Oil Services Joint Stock Company of VietnamOseven - Oseven CorporationOTG - Otran Logistics ., JSCOtoTienGiang - Tien Giang Motor Transport Joint Stock CompanyPACKEXIM - Packing Production & Export Import,. JSCPacksimex - Import - Export Processing - Production & Packaging Joint Stock CompanyPAMCO - Pacific Asset Management CompanyPAP - PetroVietnam Phuoc An Port Investment And Operation Joint Stock CompanyPBK - Bac Kan Petro VietNam Power Joint Stock CompanyPeaceTour - Peace Tour Co.PETROMAT - Petec Petroleum Material Joint Stock CompanyPETROMEKONG - MeKong Petroleum Joint Stock CompanyPFH - PetroVietnam Insurance Financial Investment JSCPFI - PetroVietnam Trade Union Finance Investment CorporationPFV - PFV Investment & Trading Joint Stock CompanyPG2 - Power Generation Corporation 2PhanPhoiVietnam - Vietnam Distribution Network Development & Investment JSCPhanVu - Phan Vu Investment CorporationPHFM - Phu Hung Fund Management JSCPhimGiaiPhong - Giai Phong Film Joint Stock CompanyPhimThienNgan - Galaxy Studio.,JSCPHT - Phuc Tien Trade Manufacture Joint Stock CompanyPhuDat - Phu Dat Petro Investment & Construction JSCPhuHung - Phu Hung Assurance CorporationPhuLong - Phu Long Estate JSCPHUMYOIL - Phu My Oil Processing Joint Stock CompanyPhuongNamSF - Phuong Nam Foof Stuff CorperationPhuongTrang - FUTATRANS CORPPhuQuoc - Phu Quoc Tourism CorporationPhuTung - Machinery and Spare - Parts Import Export JSCPIDIC - Phu Quoc Investment Development Infrastructure CorporationPisico - Pisico Wooden Furniture Joint Stock CompanyPisicoDongAn - Pisico Dong An Wood Processing Joint Stock CompanyPMM - Phu My Marine Joint Stock CompanyPNS - Funan Securities CorporationPorycoast - Portcoast Consultant CorporationPOTRACO - Power Transport And Service Joint Stock CompanyPPG - Phu Phong CorporationProconco - Viet - France Cattle Food Production JSCPROMEXCO - Production For Packing and Exporrting Goods JSCPRUBF1 - Prudential Balanced FundPTHTKCNThaiNguyen - Thai Nguyen Industrial Zone Infrastructure Development Joint Stock CompanyPTICC - Post & Telecommunications Investment And Construction Consulting JSCPTM - PTM Automobile Service, Trading And Manufacturing JSCPVCI - Petro VietNam Construction Investment JSCPVCME - Petroleum Mechanical Executing & Essembly JSCPVcomBank - Vietnam Public Joint Stock Commercial BankPVEIC - PetroVietnam Maintenance and Repair CorporationPVF - Petro Vietnam Finance Joint Stock CorporationPVFCCapital - PetroVietnam Finance Fund Management IncPVIASSET - PVI ASSET MANAGEMENT JSCPVID - Petro Vietnam Gas Investment & Construction JSCPVQuangNinh - PV OIL Quảng Ninh JSCPVSH - Van Khoi Thanh Joint Stock CompanyPVST - Sapa Petro Tourist Joint Stock CompanyPXH - Ha Noi Petroleum Construction JSCPXK - Petro Kinh Bac Investing and Construction JSCQNP - Quy Nhon Port Joint Stock CompanyQNSC - Quang Ninh Ship Supplying Joint Stock CompanyQuyDauTuVN - Viet Nam Investment Fund Management JSCQuyVCBF - VCBF Tactcal Balanced FundQuyVietCat - Vietnam Fortune Fund Management JSCRauQua1 - Vegetables & Fruits Import - Import No1 JSCRECO - Rubber Engineering Joint Stock CompanyREM - Viet Nam JSC for Restoration of MonumentsREN - Resource And Energy Investment And Construction JSCRESCO8 - Real Estate Eight JSCRHC - Ry Ninh II Hydroelectric Joint Stock CompanyRicons - Ricons Group Investment Construction Joint Stock CompanyRNG - Global Partners Asset Management JSCROSE - Globalmind Capital Securities Joint Stock CompanyRUID - Railway Urban and Infrastructure Development Investment JSC RUSCO - Rubber Goods Service and Transport Warehouse JSCS33 - The 333 Sugar Joint Stock CompanyS64 - Song Da 6.04 Joint Stock CompanyS91 - Song Da 9.01 Joint Stock CompanySabecoMienDong - Sabeco Mien Dong Trading Joint Stock CompanySabecoNTB - Sai Gon Beer Nam Trung Bo Commerce Joint Stock CompanySabecoSongHau - Sabeco Song Hau Trading Joint Stock OCmpanySabecoTayNguyen - Sai Gon Beer Tay Nguyen Trading Joint Stock CompanySabibeco - SaiGon Binh Tay Beer Group Joint Stock CompanySachBinhDuong - Binh Duong Educational Book and Equipment Joint Stock CompanySachHoaBinh - Hoa Binh Books And School Equipments JSCSachThanhHoa - Thanh Hoa School Book – Equipment Joint Stock CompanySadaco - Sai Gon Trade and Production Development CorporationSaicom - Saigon Telecom Engineering Construction & Investment JSCSAIGON5 - SAIGON FIVE COMMERCE - CONSTRUCTION COMPANY LIMITED SaiGonAir - Sai Gon Airport CorporationSaiGonART - SAIGON ART JOINT STOCK COMPANYSaiGonCapital - Sai Gon Fund Managerment JSCSaiGonNinhChu - Saigon-Ninh Chu Hotel & ResortSaiGonXanh - Sai Gon Green Delopment Invesment Land Joint Stock CompanySamSet - Sai Gon Port Maritime Service And Transport Joint Stock CompanySapasco - Sam Thinh Packaging & Service CorporationSBBS - Saigonbank – Berjaya Securities Joint Stock CompanySBC - Saigon Beer Transportation Joint Stock CompanySBF - Sabeco Fund ManagementSBSI - Stanley Brothers Securities IncorporationSCB - Saigon Commercial Joint Stock BankSCCV - Vinacomin Southern Coal JSCSCFC - The Southern Central Food Joint Stock CompanySCH - Song Chay 5 HydroPower JSCSDBP - Sông Đà Bình Phước JSCSDF - Song Da Finance Joint Stock CompanySDL - Song Da - Hoang Long JSCSDNT - Song Da - Nha Trang Joint Stock CompanySDS - Song Da Construction And Investment JSCSeafoodF17 - Nha Trang Seafoods Joint Stock Company - F17SeASecurities - Asian Securities CorporationSEC - Gia Lai Cane Sugar - Thermoelectricity Joint Stock CompanySEL - SongDa11 - Thang Long Joint Stock CompanySerrano - Serrano Viet Nam Joint Stock CompanySFT - Softech CorporationSGCLInresco - Saigon Cholon Investment and Real Astate JSCSGIC - SGI Capital Management Joint Stock CompanySGPC - Sai Gon Paper CorporationSHBS - SHB Securities Jointstocks CompanySHBVinacomin - Sai Gon - Ha Noi Insurance CorporationSHF - Saigon - Hanoi Fund Management Joint Stock CompanySHINEC - Vinashin trading & Manufacturing JSCSHL - Song Hong - Thang Long Investment JSCSHV - Hai Viet CorporationSJCS - SJC Securities CorporationSKS - Song Da Transportation Construction JSCSLC - Labour and Expert Export Service JSCSLD - Sacom Land CorporationSmartlink - Smartlink Card Services Joint Stock CompanySME - SME Securities CorporationSMEC - Friendship Fund Management JSCSMVC - Seoul Metal Vietnam Joint Stock CompanySNG - Song Da 10.1 JSCSocTrang - Soc Trang Seafood Joint Stock CompanySoiTraLy - Tra Ly Fibre Joint Stock CompanySonacon - Sonadezi Construction Shareholding CompanySonBachTuyet - Paint Bach Tuyet JSCSongDa - Song Da Construction Material Joint Stock Company SongDa109 - Song Da No 10.9 Joint Stock CompanySongDa17 - Song Da No.17 Joint Stock CompanySongDaHoangLien - Song Da Hoang Lien Hydropowe Joint Stock CompanySongHau - Song Hau Food Processing Joint Stock CompanySongHong - Song Hong Energy Joint Stock CompanySonTra - Phong Phu Son Tra Investment Joint Stock CompanySovico - Sovico Holdings JSCSPS - Saigon Petroleum Service CorporationSPT - Saigon Postel Corp.SSB - Southeast Asia Commercial Joint Stock BankSSGGroup - SSG GROUPSSISCA - SSI Sustainable Competitive Advantage Open-Ended FundSSS - Song Da 6.06 JSCSST - Sabeco Song Tien Trading & Service Joint Stock Company STD - Sai Gon - Tay Do Beer - Beverage Joint Stock CompanySTI - Sai Gon Thuong Tin Invest Joint Stock CompanySTJ - Sonadezi Transportation JSCSTSC - STSC Securities CorporationSunCapital - Thai Duong Capital Management CorporationSunCo - Sun Construction Anh Trading JSCSunGroup - SUN GROUP CORPORATIONSUNSHINE - SUNSHINE Group Joint Stock CompanySuThanhHa - Thanh Ha Constrexim Joint Stock CompanySVJ - Santomas Vietnam JSCSVS - Viet Star Securities CorporationSZA - Sonadezi An BinhTAFM - Pacific Bridge Capital CompanyTaiChinhBIDV - BIDV Financial Investment Joint Stock CompanyTanHung - Tan Hung Joint Stock CopanyTANISUGAR - TayNinh SUGAR Joint Stock CompanyTanLam - Tan Lam Agriculture Product Joint Stock CompanyTanMai - Tan Mai corporation Joint Stock CompanyTanPhat - Tan Phat Joint Stock CompanyTanTan - Tan Tan Joint Stock CompanyTanThanhMy - Tan Thanh My Joint Stock CompanyTanTien - Tan Tien Textile Joint Stock CompanyTAPIOCA - NUOC TRONG TAPIOCA JOINT STOCK COMPANYTapPham - The Vietnam National Sundries Import Export CorporationTapPhamSG - Saigon Sundries Investment and Trading JSCTARCO - Tay Ninh Register Joint Stock CompanyTAS - Trang An Securities Joint Stock CompanyTauBienHP - Haiphono Shipchandler Joint Stock CompanyTauCuoc - Tau Cuoc Joint Stock CompanyTayHo - Tay Ho Investment And Construction JSC TayHoHousing - Tay Ho Construction And Housing Investment Joint Stock CompanyTayHoQP - Tay Ho Investment & Construction JSC TayNinh - Tay Ninh Land Measurement Joint Stock CompanyTBN - Bac Ninh Sewerage And Wastewater Treatment Joint Stock CompanyTBR - Tan Binh Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyTDA - Dong Anh Investment Construction & Materials JSCTDCorp - Technology Development Construction JSCTDLA - Thu Duc - Long An Centrifugal Concrete JSCTechGen - Sai Gon Technologies IncorporationTecserco - Sai Gon Port technical Service Commercial Joint Stock CompanyTEDI - The Transport Engineering Design IncTediSouth - Transport Engineering Design Incorporated SouthTEKCAST - TECHNOLOGY AND BROADCAST JSCTHA - Truong Hai Auto CorporationThachBan - Thach Ban Joint Stock CompanyThangLong9 - Thang Long Construction Joint Stock CompanyThangLongGTC - Thang Long GTC Joint Stock CompanyThangLongTSC - Thang Long Mechanical and Construction Joint Stook CompanyThanhBinh - Thanh Binh CorporationThanhCong - Thanh Cong Joint Stock CompanyThanhLe - Thanh Le Packing Joint Stock CompanyThanhNienMedia - Thanhnien Media CorporationThanhThanhCong - Thanh Thanh Cong JSCThepDinhVu - Dinh Vu Steel Joint Stock Company ThepNinhBinh - Ninh Binh Concrete - Steel Joint Stock CompanyThepSongHong - Song Hong Steel JSCThepTanThuan - Tan Thuan Steel Joint Stock CompanyThepVanLoi - Van Loi Steel Joint Stock CompanyThethaoHanoi - Hanoi Sport Development - Investment Company LimitedThienHoa - Thien Hoa Financial Invesment JSCThienHuong - Thien Huong Food Joint Stock CompanyThienKim - Thien Kim Trading Service & Tourism JSCThietBiThuyLoi - Irrigation Equipment Joint Stock CompanyThikeco - Thikeco Investment Consultancy for Development and Construction Joint Stock CompanyThinhLiet - Thinh Liet Concrete and Investment Joint Stock CompanyThongTinEIS - EIS Information Technology Joint Stock CompanyThuySanKienGiang - Kien Giang Fishing Joint Stock CompanyTHV - Thai Hoa Viet Nam Group Joint Stock CompanyTico - TICO Joint Stock CompanyTinHieu - Viet Nam Railway Signal Telecommunication,. JSCTinHoang - Tin Hoang Mineral Joint Stock CompanyTinNghiaPetro - Tinnghia Petrol Joint Stock CompanyTitco - Tân Bình Export Producing & Trading Joint Stock CompanyTKR - Tan Bien - Kangpongthom Rubber JSCTKSC - Tonkin Securities Joint Stock CompanyTLC - Thang Long Telecomunications JSC TLCF - FIDES (VietNam) Fund Management JSCTLG6 - Thang Long Construction JSC No.6TLMECO - Thang Long Mechanical 4 & Construction JSCTMD - Ba Ria - Vung Tau Trading & Oil Agency Joint Stock CompayTMMNThanhHoa - Thanh Hoa Mountains Trading Joint Stock CompanyTMPhuongDong - Orient Manufacture & Trading Joint Stock CompanyTMQN - Quang Ninh Trading Joint Stock CompanyTNY - Youth Investment Construction CorporationToanCau - Global Insurance CompanyToanThinhPhat - Toan Thinh Phat Architechture Investment Construction JSCTodimax - HoChiMinh City Machinery Electronics JSCTonDongA - Ton Dong A CorporationTourismHCM - Viet Nam Tourism Ho Chi Minh City JSCTPF - Trust Principle Fund Joint Stock CompanyTraBac - TRABAC JOINT STOCK CORPORATIONTRACIMEXCO - Transport Investment Co-operation and Import Export JSCTracomeco - Transport Construction Mechanical Joint Stock CompanyTrangAn - Trang An Joint Stock CompanyTranPhu - Tran Phu Mechanical Electric JSC TRI - Saigon Beverages Join Stock CompanyTRICO - Transport Construction And Invesment Trading JSC No.1TrieuAn - Trieu An Hospital TrungNguyenInvest - Trung Nguyen Investment CorporationTruongSon - Truong Son Joint Stock CompanyTruongSonJSC - Truong son Join Stock CompanyTSM - Tien Son Ha Tay Cement JSCTSS - Truong Son Securities IncorporationTTCExpress - Tin Thanh Express JSCTTJ - Thuy Ta Joint Stock CompanyTTR - Tourism Trade & Investment JSCTuyPhuoc - Tuy Phuoc Power Construction Joint Stock CompanyTVAM - Thien Viet Asset Management Joint Stock CompanyTVFC - Cong Dong Finance Company LimitedTVI - Television Investment CorporationTVMC - Thanh Viet Investment Fund Management CorporationTVSI - Tan Viet Securities Joint Stock CompanyUAMC - Uong Bi Automobile Mechanical CorporationUniCap - United Capital Management Joint Stock CompanyUpexim - Forestry Products Handicraft Production and Export - Import JSCUXC - Ut Xi Aquatic Products Processing CorporationV45 - Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company No 45VAMVN - VAM Vietnam Fund Management JSCVanDiem - Van Điem Food Joint Stock CompanyVangAgribank - Viet Nam Agribank Gold Corporation JSCVangBacNJC - Phuong Nam Jewelry Commercial CorporationVanPhucGia - Van Phuc Gia Investment Joint Stock CompanyVanTaiThuy3 - Water Transportation JSC No.3VASC - Viet Nam Australia International Education CorporationVASS - Vien Dong Assurance CorporationVCA - VNSTEEL - VICASA JSCVCAMBF - Viet Capital Balanced FundVCFC - Vietnam Chemical Finance Joint Stock CompanyVCH - Vinaconexs Infrastructure Development and Investment Construction JSCVCN - Vinaconex - UPGC Investment & Trading JSCVCTN - Thai Nguyen Refractory Material Joint Stock CompanyVCV - Vinaconex Transportation Joint Stock CompanyVDSE - Vien Dong Securities CorporationVEE - Cam Pha Electrical Equipment JSCVegetexco - Vietnam National Vegetable Fruit and Agricultural Product Corporation JSCVegetigi - Tien Giang Vegetables & Fruits Joint Stock CompanyVemedim - Manufacture Meterial Trading & Veterinary Medicine JSCVEOF - VinaWealth Equity Opportunity FundVFMVF1 - Vietnam Securities Investment FundVFMVF4 - Vietnam Blue-chips Investment FundVFMVFA - Vietnam Active FundVIA - Vian Joint Stock CompanyViapco - Vinh Phu Storage Batteries & Dry Cells Joint Stock CompanyVibex - Ha Noi Concrete Construction Joint Stock CompanyVicopharm - Vacopharm Phamarceutical Joint Stock CompanyVIDOCO - Vien Dong Design Construction JSCVienThongDongDo - Dong Do Telecommunication Joint Stock CompanyVietABank - Vietnam Asia Commercial Joint Stock BankVietBac - VietBac Real Estate Joint Stock CompanyVietCapital - Viet Capital Asset Management Joint Stock CompanyVietCeramics - Viet Ceramics International JSCVietHung - Viet Hung Joint Stock CompanyVietnamtourism - Vietnamtourism - Hanoi Joint Stock CompanyVietSangTao - Viet Sang Tao JSCVIETTRANS6 - Multimodal Transport JSC No.6VietY - Nam Dinh Graint Tile JSCVIFON - Vietnam Food Industries Joint Stock CompanyVigatexco - Thang Loi Textile - Garment Joint Venture CompanyViger - Viger Beer Alcohol Joint Stock CompanyViglaceraPB - Viglacera Packings & Brake Linings Joint Stock CompanyViglaceraVanHai - Viglacera Van Hai Joint Stock CompanyViha - VIHA THONG NHAT .,JSCVikhaco - Vietkhanh Trading And Investment JSCVILACONA - Viet - Laos Investment and Economic Cooperation JSCVimec - VIMEC Medical Equipment CorporationVimecMedical - Vimec Medical Equipment JSCVinabico - Vinabico Confectionery Joint Stock CompanyVinabomi - Binh An Flour Joint Stock CompanyVinachimex - Vietnam Chemicals Import and Export JSCVinaconex17 - Vinaconex Construction Joint Stock Company No. 17vinaconex91 - Construction Joint Stock Company No 9.1VinaconexAlphanam - Vinaconex – Alphanam Infrastructure Development and Investment JSCVinaconexQT - Quyet Thang Construction and Import-Export JSCVinaconexSG - Vinaconex Sai Gon joint Stock CompanyVinafoodHD - Hai Duong Vinafood1 Joint Stock CompanyVinafor - Vinafor Đà Nẵng Joint Stock CompanyVinagame - VNG CORPORATIONVinamit - Vinamit Joint Stock CompanyVINAMOTOR - VIETNAM MOTORS INDUSTRY CORPORATION - JSCVinaSaiGon - Sai Gon Import - Export Joint Stock CorporationVinashinNamThanh - Vinashin Nam Thanh Joint Stock CompanyVinasugarI - The Sugarcane and Sugar Corporation No.1 Joint Stock CompanyVinatea - The Vietnam National Tea Corporation - JSCVinatour - Internation Tourist and Trading Vinatour JSCVinaWealth - VinaCapital Fund Management JSCVinaWind - Thong nhat Electromechanical JSCVineco5 - VNECO 5 Electricity Construction Joint Stock CompanyVinhCuu - Ever Stone Ornament Corporation Vinhhao - Vinh Hao Mineral Water Joint Stock CompanyVinhHue - Vinh Hue Paper Joint Stock CompanyVinhLoi - Vinh Loi Import - Export Joint Stock CompanyVinhTuong - Vinh Tuong Industrial CorporationVinphaco - Vinh Phuc Pharmaceutical JSCVipaco - Vinaconex Packing Joint Stock CompanyViptour - Vietnam Investment Promotion and Tourism JSCVIRASIMEX - Railway Import - Export And Supply Material Equipment JSCVIRESCO - Vinh Long Real Estate JSCVISE - Vietnam International Securities Joint Stock CompanyVISECO - Viet Securities Joint Stock CompanyVitranimex - Transportation And Trading Joint Stock CompanyVITS - VIT Securities CorporationVIVASO - WaterWay Transport Joint Stock CorporationViwaseen1 - No 1 Water Supply Sewerage Manchanical ., JSCViwaseen2 - Water Supply Sewerage Manchanical Construction .,JSC Viwaseen.2VLD - Viettronics Land JSCVLFM - Viet Long Securities Investment Fund Management CorporationVMCCo - Vinh Phu General Material Joint Stock Company VNAC - Viet Nam Alliance Fund Management JSCVNECO - Nghe An Green Tourist Joint Stock CompanyVneco6 - Vneco6 Electricitiy Construction Joint Stock CompanyVneco7 - VNECO 7 ELECTRICITY CONSTRUCTION JOINT STOCK COMPANYVNN - Vietnamnet Investment Joint Stock CompanyVNPTLAND - VIETNAM POST AND TELECOMMUNICATION LAND JOINT STOCK COMPANYVNSC - VinaSecurities Joint Stock CompanyVPBS - VPS Securities JSCVPIG - Viet Phuong Investment GroupVPL - Vinpearl Joint Stock CompanyVQSC - Viet Quoc Securities CorporationVRTS - Railway Transportation Service Joint Stock CompanyVSEC - RHB Securities VietNam Company LimitedVSETGROUP - VSETGROUP GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANYVSIndustry - VS Industry JSCVSMS - VSM Securities JSCVT1 - Ben Thanh Material JSCVT8 - Transport Service No 8 JSCVTCC - Viet Tin Capital Corporation VTF - Viet Thang Feed Joint Stock CompanyVTPGroup - Van Thinh Phat Limited Liability CompanyVTSC - Viet Thanh Securities CompanyVTSS - Viet Tin securities Joint Stock CompanyVTT - Viet Thanh Technology CorporationVungTauShip - Vung Tau Shipping And Services Joint Stock CompanyVVF - Vinaconex-Viettel Finance Joint Stock CompanyWoori - NH Securities Vietnam Co.,LtdWTN - Tay Ninh Water Supply Sewerage Joint Stock CompanyX18 - X18 Cement Joint Stock CompanyX78 - ACC-78 Joint Stock CompanyXayDung14 - Construction Joint Stock Company No.14XayDung204 - Construction Joint Stock Company No204XayDung24 - ICIC.24 Construction and Investment JSCXayDung40 - Construction Joint Stock Company No40XayDung720 - Construction Material Joint Stock Company No720XayLapHoangLien - Song Da Hoang Lien Construction JSCXDBD - BINHDUONG CONSTRUCTION J.S.CXDBinhDuong - Binh Duong General Construction and Consultation Joint Stock CompanyXDCT507 - Construction Building JSC No.507XDVinaconex - Vinaconex Contruction & Tourist,. JSCXeThaiBinh - Thai Binh Car Joint Stock CompanyXiMangBacGiang - Bac Giang Cement Joint Stock CompanyXiMangGiaLai - Gia Lai Cement JSC XiMangKienGiang - Kien Giang Cement Joint Stock CompanyXimangTayDo - Tay Do Cement Joint Stock CompanyXMCOSEVCO - Mien Trung Corpotion - JSCXMTuyenQuang - TuyenQuang Cement JSCXNKNinhBinh - Ninh Bình Export Import & ProductionCompanyXNKNongSan - Hanoi Agricultural Export - Import Service JSCXNKSaigontourist - Saigontourist Import - Export Joint Stock CompanyXuatKhauLongAn - Long An Exort Garment Joint Stock CompanyYenBai - Yen Bai Construction No3 Joint Stock Company YSC - Yen Son Joint Stock CompanyAA - American Auditing Co., LtdAAAT - AAT Auditing, Accounting Finalcial & Tax Cosulting Company,.LtdAAC - AAC Auditing And Accouting CompanyAASC - AASC Auditing Firm Company LimitedAASCN - Nam Viet Auditing & Accounting Fiancian Consulting Services Company LimitedAASCS - Southern Auditing & Accounting Financial Consulting Services Company Limited (AASCS)ACAGroup - Audit, Financial Consulting Company & Associates (IFC-ACA Group)ACBC - ACB Capital Management Company LimitedACBS - ACB Securities Ltd., CoACELife - ACE Life Insurance Company LimitedACELifeFMC - Ace Life Fund Management Company LimitedACGroup - International Consulting and Auditing Company LimitedACPA - NEXIA ACPA Auditing & Consulting Co.,LtdAFCAudit - AFC Audit Viet Nam Company LtdAFCVietnamFund - AFC Vietnam FundAgribank - Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentAIA - AIA Vietnam Life Insurance Limited CompanyAICapital - A.I Capital Management CompanyAISC - Auditing & Computing Service Company.,LtdAnPhuGroup - An Phu Auditing Company LimitedANZB - ANZ Bank (Vietnam) LimitedAON - AON Vietnam Limited CompanyASNAF - ASNAF VN Company Profession Of Auditing LTDATAX - Atax Auditing And Tax Consulting Company,LtdAuditConsult - Auditing And Consuting Co.,LTDAVA - Auditing Company Limited & Vietnam AppraisalAVINA - Viet Nam Auditing, Accounting Financial & Tax Consulting Company.,LtdBaoBi277 - Ha Noi 277 Packaging Co.,LTDBCEL-KT - BCEL-KT Securities Co. LTDBCI - Khang Phuc House Trading Investment Co.,LtdBHS - TTC Bien Hoa - Dong Nai Sugar One Member Limited CompanyBikeThongNhat - Thong Nhat Company LimitedBVFMC - Bao Viet Fund Management Limited CompanyBVIM - BIDV - VIETNAM PARTNER Investment ManagementBXBTQuangNinh - Quang Ninh Bus and Boat Station One Member Co.,LtdCAA - CA&A Consulting And Auditing Company LimitedCAPHEDALAT - Dalat Coffee Import&Export Limited CompanyCapitaLand - CapitaLand (Vietnam) Holdings Pte. Ltd.CapNuocYenBai - Yen Bai Water Supply Company Limited LiabilityCathayLife - Cathay Life Insurance Vietnam Co. Ltd.CheBienLamSan - Forest Products Processing, Transport, Trade JSCChuanVang - Golden Standards Company LimitedCHUBBLIFE - CHUBB LIFE FUND MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITEDCIENCO8 - CIVIL ENGINEERING CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION 8CIMB - CIMB-VINASHIN SECURITIES LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANYCoopBank - Co-operative Bank Of VietnamCPAHaNoi - Hanoi Company Profession Of Auditing & Accounting LTDCPAVietNam - Vietnam Auditing Partnership CompanyCPHACO - Chanh Phu Hoa Joint Stock Construction And Investment CompanyDAB - Great Asia Commercial Joint Stock BankDaichiLife - Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Company of VietnamDaiNam - Dai Nam Detective Investigation Office Monitoring DATC - Vietnam Debt and Asset Trading CorporationDCD - DIC Tourist & Trade Joint Stock CompanyDeloitte - Deloitte Vietnam Company LimitedDeutscheBank - Deutsche BankDFVN - Dai-Ichi Life Vietnam Fund Management Company LimitedDGL - Duc Giang - Lao Cai Chemicals JSCDIAOC8 - Real Estate Eight Joint Stock CompanyDinhThien - Dinh Thien Co. LtdDongACapital - DONG A CAPITAL COMPANY LTDDongASecurities - Dong A Securities CorporationDongThang - Dong thang Auditing Company LimitedDoThiGiaLam - URENCO GIA LAM.,JSCDSVN - Vietnam RailwaysDTLAuditing - DTL Auditing CompanyDucKhai - Duc Khai Electrical Equipment Trading Company LimitedDuongBoDakLak - DakLak Road Management and Maintenance Single Member Limited Liability CompanyE1SSHN30 - SSIAM HNX30 ETFEasternAudit - Eastern Auditing Co., Ltd.EIFMC - Eastspring Investments Fund Management Limited Liability CompanyEJung - E-Jung Auditing Company LimitedErnstYoung - Viet Nam Ernst & Young Limited CompanyEVN - VIETNAM ELECTRICITYFanansaFund - Finasa Fund Management CompanyFECREDIT - VPBank Finance Company LimitedFENB - Far East National Bank - Branch Ho Chi Minh CityFullhouse - Hue Investment And Tourism One Member State Company LimitedGENIMEX - Genimex CorporationGHA - Hai Au Paper JSCGiaoThongHaNoi - Ha Noi Transport Project One - Member Company LimitedGrantThornton - Grant Thornton (Vietnam)GreatEastern - Great Eastern Life (Vietnam) Company LimitedGroupama - Groupama Vietnam General Insurance Co. LtdHaiDuongSeed - Hai Duong Seeds one member limited companyHaneco - Haneco Commercial Export - Import Company LimitedHaNoiFund - Ha Noi Securities Investment FundHATEXCO - Hanoi May 19th Textile One Member Limited CompanyHBB - Hanoi Building Commercial Joint Stock BankHDSAISON - Home Credit Vietnam Finance Company LimitedHFIC - Ho Chi Minh City Finance and Investment State-Owned CompanyHiepPhuoc - Hiep Phuoc Labels Co. LtdHNX - Ha Noi Stock ExchangeHOMECREDIT - Home Credit VietnamHongDuc - HD Audit Co.,LtdHongLeong - Hong Leong Bank Vietnam LimitedHOSE - Hochiminh Stock ExchangeHPHoatHinhVN - Vietnam Animation Single Member Limited CompanyHSBC - HSBC Bank LimitedHUD - Housing and Urban Development CorporationHUDKienGiang - Kien Giang Housing Development Investment Company LimitedIFCVietNam - International Auditing & Financial Consulting Company LimitedIndovinabank - Indovina BankINEXIM - Industrial Export - Import Joint Stock CompanyIPAM - I.P.A Securities Investment Fund Management Limited CompanyIPC - Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Company LimitedJIVF - JACCS International Vietnam Finance Company LimitedJPMorgan - JP MorganKDF - KIDO Frozen Foods Joint Stock CompanyKIENTUONG - Kien Tuong Water Suppy Sewerage and Environment co.,LtdKoreaLife - Korea Life Insurance Vietnam Co., LtdKPMG - KPMG Limited CompanyKTSKienGiang - Kien Giang Trade and Service Limited Company (KTS)LamNghiepBD - Binh Duong Forestry Limited CompanyLaoVietBank - Lao-Viet BankLeQuanTech - Le Quan Techinology Co., LtdLibertyInsurance - Liberty Insurance Vietnam Limited CompanyLIBREXCO - Tien Giang Livestock Breeding CompanyLIKSIN - LIksin Industry - Printing - PackagingMAFC - Mirae Asset Finance Company (Vietnam) LimitedMaiDong - Mai Dong Company LimitedManulife - Manulife Vietnam Insurance Co. LtdManulifeAM - Manulife Asset Management Company LimitedMBEF1 - MBEF1MBKE - Maybank Kim Eng Securities LimitedMDB - Mekong Development Joint Stock Commercial BankMDFVINAFOR - MDF VinaFor - Tan An Hoa Binh CO., LTDMekongCapital - Mekong Capital ., LtdMHB - Housing Bank Of Mekong DeltaMHDAudit - MHD Auditing Company LimitedMiraeAsset - Mirae Asset Securities (Vietnam) Limited Liability Company MLN - Mai Linh North Joint Stock CompanyMMC - Manganese Mineral Joint Stock Company MNC - Mai Linh Central JSCMobiFone - MobiFone CorporationMSGS - JB Securities Viet Nam Company LimitedNicotex - NICOTEX Joint Stock CompanyNuocSachLaoCai - Lao Cai Water Supply Co, LtdOceanbank - Ocean Commercial One Member Limited Liability BankPacificAudit - Pacific Audit Ltd.PACO - Polaris Auditing and Accounting Consultancy Company LimitedPetroVietnam - VIETNAM OIL AND GAS GROUPPNB - Southern Commercial Joint Stock BankPrevoir - Prevoir Vietnam Life Insurance Company LtdPrudential - rudential Insurance Vietnam Co. LtdPTF - Post And Telecommunication Finance Company LimitedPWC - PricewaterhouseCoopers (Vietnam) LtdQNAASC - Quang Ninh Auditing Accounting Financial Consultancy Service Company LimitedQVA - Quang Viet Auditing Company LimitedRESCONHA - Housing Development And Trading Company LimiedRoyalVN - Royal Viet Nam Consulting & AuditingSAGRI - Sagri Agiculture IncorporationSAIGONIPD - Saigon Industrial Park Development Company LimitedSaoViet - Sao Viet Auditing Co.,LtdSATICO - Satra Tien Giang Company LimitedSATRA - Saigon Trading GroupSatraTayNam - Satra SouthWest Company LimitedSBF1 - Sabeco Investment Fund No.1SCIC - State Capital Investment CorporationSDI - Sai Dong Urban Development And Investment JSCSFA1 - SaiGon Securities Investmnet Fund A1SFA2 - SaiGon Securities Investment Fund A2SHBFinance - SHBank Finance Company LimitedShinhan - Shinhan Vietnam Bank LimitedShinhanFi - Shinhan Vietnam Finance Company Ltd.Shinhanvina - ShinhanVina BankSonlaUrenco - Son La Environment and Urban Services JSCSSIAM - SSI Asset Management Company LimitedSSIIMF - SSI Investment Member FundSSIVF - SSIVFSSV - Shinhan Securities VietNam Co.,LTDStandardAudit - Standard Audit Ltd.StandardChartered - Standard Chartered Bank Viet Nam LimitedTanManh - Tan Manh Construction Architechture Design Company LimitedTARUCO - 1-5 Tay Ninh Rubber Company LimitedTCBS - Techcom Securities JSCTCS - Vinacomin - Cao Son Coal JSCTCVN - TC Capital Viet Nam Securities Investment Consultancy CompanyTechcomCapital - TECHCOM CAPITAL COMPANY LIMITEDThaiHoaCapNuoc - Thai Hoa Water Supply One Member Limited CompanyThangLong - Thang Long - T.D.K Auditing & Consutant Co.,LTDThangLongAudit - Thang Long Auditing Company LimitedThanVinacomin - Vietnam National Coal & Mineral Industries Holding Corporation LimitedTIC - Tay Nguyen Electricity Investment JSCTIIDC - Thanh Hoa Investment Development In Frastructure Limited CompanyTinNghiaBank - VietNam Tin Nghia Commercial Joint Stock BankTMDTKH - KHANH HOA TRADING & INVESTMENT LIMITED COMPANYTND - Tay Nam Da Mai Coal JSC - VinacominTRANCINWA - TRANSPORTATION AND UNLOAD COMPANY LIMITEED OF INLAND WATERWAYTruongThinhICC - Truong Thinh Investment Construction Company LimitedUHY - UHY Audit And Advisory Services LimitedUICVN - United Insurance Company of VietnamUnicons - Unicons Investment Construction Limited CompanyUSCInterco - USC Commerce Service and International Investment Consultant JSCVAAC - Viet Nam Company Profesion Of Auditing & Auccounting LTDVAC - Vung Tau Auditing Company LimmitedVAE - Vietnam Auditing and Evaluation Co., LtdVafaco - Saigon Cultural Products JSCVBI - Vietinbank Insurance Company LtdVBSP - Vietnam Bank for Social PoliciesVCBF - Vietcombank Fund ManagementVCBS - Vietcombank Securities Company, Ltd.VCHF - VCHFVDAHauGiang - VDA Hau Giang Trading Service JSCVDBank - The Viet Nam Development BankVF2 - VietNam Growth Investment FundVIAVietNam - Vietnam International Assurance CompanyVIDBank - Public Bank Vietnam LimitedVietAuditors - Viet Auditors Co., LtdVietbook - Hanoi Book And Trading One Member Limited Liability CompanyVietinbankCapital - Vietinbank Fund Management Company LimitedVietland - Vietland Auditing And Consulting Company LimitedVietlott - Vietnam Lottery CompanyVietnamTiger - Vietnam Tiger FundVietNgaBank - Vietnam - Russia Joint Venture BankVietNhat - Viet Nhat Auditing Ltd.VietNhatFPT - Viet Nhat FPT Member FundVietvalue - Vietvalues Assurance & Consulting Co.,LTDVinaCapital - Vina Capital GroupVINACCO - Agricultural of construction and rural development Limited CorporationVINACHEM - Vietnam National Chemical GroupVinacominLand - Vinacomin - Housing and Infrastructure Company LimitedVINAMED - Vietnam Medical Equiment Corporation Company LimitedVinapaco - Vietnam Paper CorporationVinaphone - VNPT Vinaphone CorporationVinasiam - Vinasiam BankVinataba - Vietnam National Tobacco CorporationVINAWACO - VIETNAM WATERWAY CONSTRUCTION CORPORATIONVLIF - Viet Long Growth Investment FundVNAAudit - VNA Audit and Assurance ServicesVNAudit - VN Auditing And Consultant Company LimitedVNCB - Construction BankVNPT - Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications GroupVPF1 - Vietcombank Securities Investment Fund No.1VPF2 - Vietcombank Securities Investment Fund No.2VPF3 - Vietcombank Securities Investment Fund No.3VPK - Vegetable Oil Packing Joint Stock Company VSFC - Vietnam Shipbuilding Finance Company LimitedWEB - Western Commercial Joint Stock BankXDBINHPHUOC - Binh Phuoc Contruction Company LimitedYSVN - Yuanta Securities Vietnam One Member Limited CompanyÐTPTTruongAn - Truong An Investment and Development One Member Limited Liability Company